charlie brownau @charliebrownau
08 September, 09:38
Banned Based Videos - Anti Racist Hilter

- Open Borders for Israel
- Israel has not yet learnt to be Multi Cultural
- Its ((( RACIST ))) to limit your nation to a single specific type of people

#diversity #multi -cultural #Childernoftherainbow #demographics #Israel #open -Borders
#Racist #anti -Racist #chosen
#race #nationalism #identity
#society #Huge -Transformation
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
07 September, 10:04
Eric Thompson @EricThompson
07 September, 05:10
MAKING WAVES! Pro-Constitution Organization Puts Free Constitutions in The Hands of American 8th Graders!
John Burke @johnburke
07 September, 11:24
Justin Trudeau Forces A New Social Order On Canadian Society https://bradsalzberg.subst...
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
04 September, 06:03
karen maquias @kiki
31 August, 01:17
John Burke @johnburke
26 August, 11:24
CNN Medical Analyst Who Wanted To Ban The Unvaccinated From Society And Force Children To Mask Now Reveals How Masking Has Severely Harmed Her Son https://www.thegatewaypund...
J.P. Lloyd @JPLloyd
22 August, 11:02
I’m still a follower…..Why do we put up with this insanity? Is it worth the abuse? Nobody listens. Nobody does anything. Our elected officials are the worst i’ve seen in 50 years. WTP supposedly are the ultimate citizen run society, NOT! Not anymore. What was is no more, what is no more is not normal. Insanity of crime without rebuttals is now normal. ONE SIDED & ROTTEN. (getting unmanageable) IMHO
Michael Bresciani @NAPMB
19 August, 02:22
Many Young, Healthy Adults Falling Dead May Trigger a Black Swan Event that Collapses World Society!

We now know there is a mass of contradictory information regarding COVID after irreversible damage has been done following the vaccinations. Over 80% of Americans…
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
11 August, 11:17
Modern Women Have No Accountability Because Society (the state) Has Giving Them No Consequences

Take state 'given' rights away from women

State taxation
State Welfare
State pussy pass
State No Fault Divorce
State vagamony
State Child support
State Double standards

Low Birth Rate = Wamans educated, wamans careers, birth control, no fault divorce, pussy pass, vagamony , divorce 'settlement', child 'support'

#Birth -Rates #Consequences #state -rights #pussypass
04 August, 01:38
THE #AmericanJournal LIVE! 🇺🇸

Learn How You Can Survive The Ongoing Implosion of Society:

🗽 Get Show Alerts, Text: 'WAKEUPUSA' To: (833) 637-1776

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31 July, 12:20
WE LAUD IT To The Skies Like it’s a virtue because the (((foreign-owned))) ha$bara e$tabli$hment has bull$#!+ted U.S. so, but the Constitutional Republic is still a far superior society!

Michael Bresciani @NAPMB
29 July, 01:59
General Public Completely Unaware How Digital Currencies Will Change Our Society
John Burke @johnburke
29 July, 12:02
If the first precept of medicine is to do no harm, then surely that same principle should hold for education as well. And yet the growing determination among school boards and teachers’ organizations to force critical race theory into the classroom threatens great harm to the children they’ve been entrusted to teach, as well as to the targets of critical race theory and society at large. David Millard Haskell offers a first-hand account of what happens when this socially-divisive and fact-blind Marxist ideology infects a major school board in southwestern Ontario. It’s an education in chaos.
John Burke @johnburke
29 July, 11:31
Pope Francis to pro-abortion Justin Trudeau: Society has neglected its ‘duties’ to the ‘unborn’ - LifeSite https://www.lifesitenews.c...

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