Feds misleading you about carbon tax https://youtu.be/obdnxBYSMSQ via@YouTube

Feds misleading you about carbon tax - YouTube

The feds aren't telling you the true cost of the carbon tax. The Trudeau government claims “families are going to be better off."But the Parliamentary Budget...

More control mechanisms being put in place. We should be developing our energy independence unless of course Biden is trying to destroy America. As a side note this global warming is freezing. https://republicbrief.com/biden-warns-oil-companies-use-of-emergency-powers-will-force-them-to-comply/

Pierre Poilievre vindicated as Bank of Canada admits his criticisms were legitimate https://tnc.news/2022/06/13/pierre-poilievre-vindicated-as-bank-of-canada-admits-his-criticisms-were-legitimate/ via@truenorthcentre

Global Fire Safety Equipment Market expected to grow CAGR of 6.06% in 2026

The equipment designed to protect human life/ property from fire accidents by extinguishing the fire is categorized as firefighting equipment. It can be used by the trained firefighters as well as the untrained layman during the fire breaks out or the mechanisms are built within the infrastructure itself. The recent publication of Bonafide Research under the title – Global Fire Safety Equipment Market Outlook, 2026 provides an in-depth market analysis of the global fire safety equipment industry.


Are YOU Ready for the Transhumanist Collective?

SUMMARY: … Transhumanism is marketed as a path to enhance human living for the better. It is the merging of biology with high-tech mechanisms. … WHAT COULD THE MARKETING BE NOT TELLING YOU? Once one’s brain is wirelessly connected, it will also be susceptible digital commands from whom ever or whatever controls the computer. … READ IT ALL: https://bit.ly/38a4GQS

In response gALTin DaBox to his Publication

I use gumtree in Australia , for 2nd hand stuff ,
I dont need paypal, credit card or sms

Local Community Markets are still probably better
local and physical cash

Delta Chat - Opensource encrypted secure communications (Better then Telegram)

* Setup a Pop3/SMTP email (proton-mail free doesn't work)
* Download delta chat (PC/mobile) program
* Add email to chat to peoples

- Download Delta chat
* Official Site + PC Windows/Linux link - https://delta.chat/en/download
* F-Droid - https://f-droid.org/packages/com.b44t.messenger/
* APK side-load download - https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-android

- NO SMS required
- NO payment/subscription needed
- Android app as APK or F-Droid , no google play store required
- Low bandwidth friendly

Charlie Email for Delta chat - charliebrownau@joshwho.net

#Delta -chat #Communications #encryption #se

Latest news on Telegram

Telegram blocks Elijah Schaffer’s comment section for Apple and Google

#Censorship #paywall #ecosystem #FreeSpeech #platform #sms #WEF #corporation #telegram

XMPP or Delta Chat is a better solution

Seek the Uplifting During Lawless Days

SUMMARY: … I am cross posting uplifting words from two Prophetic Ministries shared by The Elijah List. Kunneman: Revolution of Light & Burns: One’s Spiritual Compass: https://bit.ly/3sMSZYt
#LightRevolution #SpiritualCompass

Watch: #BillGates “Orgasms” As Anderson Cooper Discusses Taking Social Security from Unvaccinated


Dont use Telegram

Telegram is closed source
Telegram 'requires' an sms no
Telegram is hosted in Russia
Telegram CEO is on the board of WEF

Don't Use Telegram. Don't Use Telegram -

Matrix vs. XMPP: Which is Better for Actually Secure Messaging? -

#telegram #messaging #privac

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