USA USA! 72 Percent Believe Students Should Be Taught American Exceptionalism, ‘Truth About Slavery’.

** Something HUGE Everytown Anti-Gun Lobby Just Admitted in This Tweet! (HighImpactFlix)

Hassling and Collecting
Armed Order Enforcers
Taxation is Theif
Federal National Goverence
Goverment is slavery

#taxation #theif #statism #victim #Guns #thinkofthechillins

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Agenda 21 was signed in 1991 if we liked it or not

White nations are in jewish hands if we liked it or not

White nations were ruined by Feminism, Globalism, Marxism and multi culturalism if we like it or not

Goverment is slavery if we liked it or not

Taxation is theif if we like it or not

Demoracy is not "FREEDOM"

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

All Goverment is slavery, control, propagnda

Taxation is theif

Abortion is MASS MURDER

Migration is population REPLACEMENT and INVASION

In response Twellit Admin to his Publication

So you no longer support
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Expression

I'm pretty sure I know who will be classified as TROLLS, HATE SPEECH or insert made up word to censor

* Anyone that names the Chosen Parasite
* Reject Statism Slavery
* Reject World Central Banking
* Debunks uni-party voting fraud & Kike traitor
* Exposes Bio-terrorism Plandemic + Hoax-down
* Tells Truth,facts,evi

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

You and others keep on blaming Ethnic Nationalism & Soclailism

Yet you refuse to admit that all goverments are socialism by having state force, taxation, welfare, overseas aid and weath redisturubution

All goverments are Authorianism

All goverments are slavery

Also when are you finally ready to call out Israel, Jews and Zionism

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Abortion is Baby Murder
Mass Abortion is Mass Murder
Mass Murder of one group is GENOCIDE
Abortion is Multi Ethnic Genocide

* Migration is REPLACEMENT
* Feminism is Depopulation
* Goverment is slavery
* Taxation is theif
* Christianity weakens , subverts and destorys National Idenity

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

Joe Biden

All of them are actors, fakes and puppeted

None of them represent the
or freedom


Christians and people will have to choose soon

Freedom & Self Respoblties and authority over our own lives
or part of World Goyim Slavery/NWO/Agenda 21 2030

Statism vs Freedom

Christians will have to choose

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