Fauci rips anti-vax 'disinformation' despite admitting shots don't work https://www.wnd.com/2022/08/fauci-slams-anti-vaxxer-disinformation-despite-admitting-shots-dont-work/

West Europe #france #Vaccine
🇫🇷 Paris monkeypox vaccine rollout gains momentum

💉Despite a shortage of healthcare professionals to administer shots, a monkeypox vaccination campaign is gaining momentum in the Paris region, which has been the epicentre of France's outbreak. France has the fifth-highest number of monkeypox cases worldwide – nearly 2.000

America Shredded

WEF/Great Reset Globalism is a political cancer directly eating American Liberty by shredding the U.S. Constitution and National Sovereignty. The Biden Crime Family (just like the Clinton Crime Family) – whoever is calling the shots for Dementia Joe – is shredding the U.S. Constitution and the American Rule of Law. READ ABOUT IT: https://bit.ly/3BsoKdQ

Dr. Birx Admits She ‘Knew’ COVID Shots Would Not ‘Protect Against Infection’



Uvalde Surveillance Video Reveals Cops Running Away From Gunshots: https://www.infowars.com/posts/uvalde-surveillance-video-reveals-cops-running-away-from-gunshots-wednesday-live/

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