There were 13 American mass shootings [4+ shot, not including the shooter] this past weekend - resulting in 17 people killed and 69 people injured.
June is on pace to be the month with the highest amount of mass shootings so far in 2022.

McCraw said that students and teachers had repeatedly begged 911 operators for help while Arredondo told more than a dozen officers to wait in a hallway. That directive — which goes against established active-shooter protocols — prompted questions about whether more lives were lost because officers didn't act faster.

Uvalde locals grapple with the school police chief's role

Tulsa hospital shooter killed four including his surgeon after 'botched back surgery' as cops reveal he purchased AR-15 three hours before the attack

CAN WE FINALLY Come Clean & Get Honest about the source of shooters, pedos, tyrants & mass-murderers, and perhaps have the guts to reopen the nut-houses?
#HaveThemCommitted #$earedCon$cience$ #ReprobateMinds

Parents Of Uvalde Shooter Insists Public Should Not Judge Their Son

Wow, Can You Say, In Denial?
The Parents Of The Uvalde Shooter Insists The Public Should Not Judge Their Son!

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