John Houk @johnhouk
12 September, 09:05
Overcome Blue Pill Jab Mentality

2 recent articles for the awakened to bad science and hopefully for Sheeple alike: Dr. Malone post on Blue Pill mentality & Examination of NEJM Study on mRNA Jab messing with Natural Immunity. TAKE A LOOK:
John Houk @johnhouk
09 September, 02:29
GoF (COVID & Spanish Flu) – Jab Ineffective – Gates Sued in India

I’ve got some crazy yet relevant info on American (as in sponsored by the US. Government meaning taxpayer funded) Gain of Function (GoF) dangerous experimentation shared by Dr. Mercola. THEN some Jab facts which We The People are being to as in “safe and effective”. Sheeple need not read because they would rather believe science liars. READ SOME ACTUAL SCIENCE:
John Houk @johnhouk
02 September, 11:37
Ask Joe – YOU Might be a Threat to Dem-Marxist Rule

I missed Thursday’s (9/1) Dementia Joe broadcast to his gullible Sheeple – AW SHUCKS. Nevertheless, I did catch some of the criticism of the vilification of Trump Supporters. AND by Trump Supporters, you realize that was nearly 75 MILLION voters the Election Coup traitors allowed to be recorded. VIDEO & ANALYSIS of Biden Despotism Speech:
John Houk @johnhouk
22 July, 10:40
News on Ending Farming Liberty

The WEF agenda is not only a threat to the individual of the one-time Free World… When AOC was ridiculed for complaining about cattle flatulence. That stark Green Agenda is seeing the slaughter of cattle to end meat as we know it. WAKE UP and resist the tyranny or be become condemned to be a SHEEPLE FOREVER! Details from Dr. Mercola, Valiant News and BPR CAN BE READ IN ONE POST HERE:
John Houk @johnhouk
20 July, 10:29
How CDC Blatantly Uses Weekly Reports to Spread COVID Disinformation: 3 Examples

As you go through The Defender’s analysis on how the CDC lies via twisted and bad data conclusions to American gullible Sheeple to entice compliance, YOU need to ask yourself a question: What is the CDC motive for lying? AND: Who ultimately benefits from CDC lies? One clue: the American can’t possibly benefit from CDC lies! AWAKEN TO TRUTH:
John Houk @johnhouk
15 July, 08:28
Will the Jeremiahs Awaken the Sheeple in Time?

SUMMARY: I feel the few voices trying to alert WE THE PEOPLE about the darkness of Dem-Marxist tyranny forcing Americans to believe and act and submit to a godless and Anti-Liberty culture are increasingly relegated to a Prophet Jeremiah status. A status that … READ & WATCH THE REST:
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
08 July, 11:10

#flat #plane #realm #ice -wall #Antarctica #Goyim #sheeple #Cage #no -Exploring #reality #map

* You need a 'license' to travel to Antarctica by the " AUTHORITIES "
* No Exploring your realm goyim
* Keep in your pen
John Houk @johnhouk
08 July, 08:40
How the Book of Jude Addresses the Last Days

Mr. Wellman looks at the Last Days through the lens of the Epistle of Jude. The title: “How the Book of Jude Addresses the Last Days.” There is an interesting correlation between the days Jude inspired by the Holy Spirit to pen the Epistle and today’s tyranny. Christians should love the read, the Woke Sheeple – not so much:
Candy Covfefe @realCandyCovfefe
05 July, 03:05
Gun control is an anti-American culture brought on by slave-like immigrants from Asian shithole-countries.

In Asia, people are banned from owning guns because owning guns is a privilege for governments and triads. Sadly, Gun Right has never been a right for Asian people.

That’s why most of the Asian countries are dictatorships! No wonder that “No guns, no freedom”. No doubt, tyranny and criminal activity have always been rife in Asia.

What kind of culture deserves what kind of country. America is not Asia! American people are not sheeple!

Gun Right (which means the right to keep and bear arms) in the Bill of Rights is not only a fundamental freedom, but also the foundation of all rights. No matter what happens, we still need Gun Right to protect the rest
TinHat Granny @TinHatGranny
26 June, 05:11
STOP sending in ILLEGAL taxes and they won't have the funds for their evil agenda's. WAKEUP SHEEPLE.....
John Houk @johnhouk
25 June, 08:37
Another Dose of Science Truth
Don’t be a Sheeple, Look at the Data

SUMMARY: AND NOW the science data Global science would rather you remain Sheeple oblivious in order of my interest more than date: WATCH & READ:
Gloria Wilkins @TRUHSEEKER
13 June, 04:52
John Houk @johnhouk
04 June, 08:04
Pray Sheeple Awaken to Control Tyranny

Let us PRAY the Sheeple awaken to the FACT the Leftist concept of transformation is a not only a total control change (as in Anti-Liberty, Anti-Christian Morality, Anti-American Heritage and so on), but also forced ways to live (property ownership denied, ways to purchase ANYTHING, acceptable and unacceptable ways to think and so on). … MORE TO READ & WATCH:
John Houk @johnhouk
02 June, 05:34
Use Actual Words & Documents to Expose WEF & Depopulation

SUMMARY: … Albert Bourla indicating Pfizer will be responsible for depopulating planet Earth by 50% by 2023. I FELL FOR IT! … NEVERTHELESS, LET’S BE CLEAR – … Elitist directives which includes decreasing the world’s population to a more manageable compliant Sheeple. MORE TO READ:
John Houk @johnhouk
31 May, 03:37
WEF: The New Fascist-Corporatist-Leftist Tyranny

Here are two short videos and one 34-minute video pointing to the 4th Industrial Revolution (or is it actually a 4th Reich) tyranny stealthily thrust on gullible America (and world) Sheeple:

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