CALL SENATE NOW, Demand They Kill this bill! Goy control/gun grab added as amendment-shady,back-room,dirty political deals abound, palmed off as “bipartisan” 202.224.3121

DIRTY POLITICS! This Is How They Forced Through The Gun-Control Bill! - YouTube

Learn More About Aventon Ebikes: Bill in Detail: the Bill:

Maybe we should consider punishing these hypocritical free-speech sites that falsely advertise
- (National Revolutionary Media)[JoshwhoTV]

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#Censorship #free -Speech #Consequences #Lying #corrupt #shady

Shocker: NBC News Asks If Hunter Biden Could Face Charges Over Shady Business Deals

GOP Sen. Josh Hawley Puts Nancy Pelosi, Lawmakers On Notice Over Shady Trades | REPORT ⬇️

Shady Pelosi Trying To Nationalize Elections In New Bill. US Rep. Cammack Sounds Alarm, Needs Patriots Help!

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was among of the VIPs who attended Hunter Biden’s art opening on Friday night at the Milk Studios in Los Angeles, California.

I think I'm going to take up painting, I need the money, and I don't need to do crack to be as good as Hunter, lmao..

In response Twellit NEWS to his Publication

Yes I thought when I posted the article where else would you expect to find a Clinton except in some shady dealings?

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