Observers Say Erdogan Using Migrants as Political Weapon Against Greece

Election Machines: Tina Peters County Clerk in Mesa Colorado, stumbled across evidence of manipulation when making backup of her counties Dominion Voting System server both in a recent local election and the 2020 general election. Premiers July 16.

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On February 11th, U.S. Special Counsel John Durham filed a motion accusing lawyers for Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democrat presidential candidate, of spying on her Republican opponent, Donald Trump. According to Fox News, lawyers working for Clinton’s campaign hired a technology company to “infiltrate” computer servers at Trump Tower, where the Republican candidate maintained his campaign headquarters. |

The Silent Coup
By Andrew W. Coy

Ever since President Trump came down the golden escalators to announce his candidacy for president of the United States, many professional and even casual observers of politics and history have wondered just what was going on in the events that followed.

Many historians and folks who just read the newspaper every morning and watch the news at night felt that something quite different and very odd was occurring.


Ex-Director of National Intelligence claims Biden and Obama KNEW ABOUT Hillary campaign plot to hack Trump servers: 'Enough evidence in Durham's Russia probe to indict MULTIPLE people' |

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