In response Robert Franz to his Publication

All of them are
pro censorship
Anti White

its all a scam to get TrumBerg selected in 2024

Instead of Going After Her Clients, #Court under trial judge Alison Nathan, an Openly #LGBTQP woman selected by #JoeBiden for promotion to the US #CourtofAppeals for the #SecondCircuit , appointed in 2011 to the District Court for Southern District of #NewYork by Barack Hussein #Obama Soetoro Soebarkah; Quietly Reduces #GhislaineMaxwell’s Sentence


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Since I understand liars lie, I didn’t watch Dementia Joe. I chose rather to read Conservative pundits who felt it their duty to watch then report the lies. Here is some selected reporting on the Tyrannical State of the Union:

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Trump is an Israel First, Zionist Kike, Banker bought, Bigphama Pimp, Gun Grabbing, Anti Free speech traitor

No Logical Critical thinking rational person should support
or any of the selected uniparty choices

All statist puppets are actors

* Statism is slavery

* Taxation is Thief

* Abortion is Murder

* Overseas Aid, Divorce Settlement, Social programs are all forced wealth redistribution aka SOCIALISM

Most Governments are Registered CORPORATIONS

In response Robert Franz to his Publication

Trump does not support Free Speech, Gun ownership, self defense , Nations or Whites

Trump is an Israel First, Zionist kike, Bigphama Pimp, Gun grabbing, Anti Free Speech traitor

Like ALL people in left and right
gop and democrats

Government serves
Central banks
UN , WEF, Agenda 21

Politicians are Selected not 'e lected'

SUMMARY: Here are some selected cross posts related to the Dem-Marxist/Globalist brainwashing promotion of the COVID Jab idiocy. I pray the Americans falling for lying science WAKE-UP! … Vids AND MORE:

Polticans are selected by the puppet masters

If voting worked for the people they would outlaw it

* Statism is slavery
* Taxation is theif
* Welfare + overseas aid is socialism
* Media/News are brainwashing
* History, news, education and knowledge is controlled so tax cattle are not free and reject the control systems in place

#statism #goverment #tax #weflare #wealthredistrubution

In response Cynthia Corulla to her Publication

The whole hearing is a sham the witnesses are hand selected by Pelosi and she either wrote their statements or assisted in writing them She made promises to them

'Like something from a medieval battle': Officers testify in opening hearing for Jan. 6 committee.... Carefully selected witnesses, approved by Nancy Pelosi! Now these whining arseholes will want compensation for PTSD!
I've grown less and less interested in beauty pageants. I'm even less interested in them now that they have become something similar to circus side shows.
A transgender woman made history by being selected as Miss Nevada, accord

The web version from a browser on my desktop seems to work just fine. From a browser on my phone it's so-so. The android twellit app does all kinds of weird things like freezing, playing videos not selected, etc.


1. Selected Traitor Mike Pence to be running mate.
2. Unfinished wall and Mexico payed zero.
3. Obama's DACCA executive order never rescinded.
4. Less deportations than Obama.
5. No round up of overstayed visa holders.
6. Escalation of oversea work visa's is

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