I will be posting in the next few weeks my #Affiliates for my Websites especially Radio America USA #radioamericausa - #OrganicCoffee and more, everyone I have tried and approved, I will be posting the direct links and if you like these products I ask you consider purchasing, it helps me & my radio station & #ministry , keep in mind at 61 I am also #disabled & #handicapped and this full time job I do supplements my #SocialSecurity #Disability , I am putting this out here in light of many spams and scammers! Thank You for your consideration!

Pastor Bryan Denlinger - #kjv #kingjamesbible #sermon #Bible #BibleStudy The Coming Housing Market Crash; In the last 120 or so years, there have been multiple scams in the #unitedstates #housing market, which have been used to make some people a LOT of #money . This #Sin is not going to go unpunished for much longer. The #Economy here in America is growing worse by the day, and this nation will soon completely collapse! - https://rumble.com/v14ud68-the-coming-housing-market-crash.html

In response Caroline Thompson to her Publication


State Education is State propaganda, brainwashing and Control

Real Freedom hasn't been attempted yet

Good to see so many sheeple waking up to the scams we have been told to repeat over the last 500 years

In response Jeff Hertzog to his Publication

Since coronavirus microbes are 6-800 microns in diameter and the mask weave is something like 1100 microns square, we can all rest well assured some (((oy-veying oligarch))) got old-money filthy-richer pushing the surgical mask scam.


And imagine what the real numbers of adverse reactions is being many many weren’t reported.🤔
Big scam ever!😡

Texas Woman Walks Into 7-Eleven, Goes Viral for Exposing Blatant Scam Happening Right in the Open via@WestJournalism https://www.westernjournal.com/texas-woman-walks-7-eleven-goes-viral-exposing-blatant-scam-happening-right-open/

The Lunar Lander - Moon Landing Fraud and NASA Money sink scam

NASA's Laughable Apollo Lunar Lander

The Lunar Lander "Antonio Subirats" - psalm19

#fraud #scam #lies #Deception #cultofscience
#space #Gravity #BALL #globe #readandrepeat #NASA

- Earth is a Flat Non rotating Plane Realm
- Space is fake and gay

───── FAKE CRYPTO ─────

Cashing in on Ukrainian war: Scammers running fake crypto scam on dark web, says report


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