Matt Shea @MattShea
07 December, 08:35
Federal law enforcement issued a bulletin to local law enforcement, warning of power substation attacks in WA & OR.

Power companies here in the PNW are reporting "physical attacks on substations" involving people using hand tools and arson to destroy some of the infrastructure.
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
30 November, 06:07
The Hypocrisy Of The International Judaeo Mainstream Media As They Pretend To Be On The Right Side Reporting On Lock-down Protests In China

#double -Standards #Propaganda #Dictatorship #UN #WEF #Plandemic #face -nappies #muzzling #protest  
John Houk @johnhouk
29 November, 02:48
Propagandist Cherry-Picking Used to Discredit ALL Facts!
Is There a Brave Fact Checker Willing to Give ‘Died Suddenly’ A MOSTLY TRUE, Rather Using ONE Error for a Mostly False?

NO SURPRISE HERE! Deceptive propagandists are attempting to discredit the entirety of the Documentary over ONE reporting error. The propagandists use the brainwash that implies one mistake means the entire Documentary is unfounded. –EXAMINE ACTUAL FACTS:
Gerrit Tienkamp @gerrittienkamp
28 November, 03:55
#Bangkok - Why aren’t tourists returning to Khao San Road ?
The past few years have been dark for tourism in Thailand and around the world. The Covid-19 global pandemic closed borders and killed tourism in so many crucial areas. Khao San Road, the vibrant, bustling backpacker haven of Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok quickly fell into a desolate ghost town. Now, the last pandemic restrictions have been lifted, and the government is constantly reporting floods of international tourists bringing Thailand back to life. But vendors on Khao San Road say they’re just not seeing the tourism numbers that were predicted even as all Covid restrictions have been lifted.
John Houk @johnhouk
24 November, 05:44
The Exposé on ‘Died Suddenly’

On Tuesday (11/22/22) I cross posted the Rumble version of the Documentary “Died Suddenly”. I discovered the Online thorn-in-the-Leftist-Flesh reporting website The Exposé has dug up the data from various government agencies that should have shut down the global Jab experimentation LONG AGO! -LOOK AT ACTUAL SCIENCE Big Bro Does Not You to See:
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
21 November, 08:37
Mastodon Migration Admin Woes -

Whats it with people reporting every single person they dont like
Please stop with that.

This is not twitter. Please use features like mute or block if you dont like people, but stop reporting otherwise ill start banning people who keep reporting for nothing

#mastodon #Twitter #AntiFreeSpeech #Snowflakes #Authoritarians #offended
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
14 October, 06:32
Website Feature: The #VAERS Project (#Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
30 September, 08:59
🇺🇸 There are currently 33 states in America that exempt churches from reporting child abuse. We have laws requiring teachers, doctors, therapists, etc. to report child abuse - but the clergy doesn't have to.

⛪ Where's the bipartisan effort to fix this?
13 August, 04:29
Rather than hold powerful institutions like the FBI to account, the mainstream media is dutifully parroting its talking points, such as not referring to the Mar-a-Lago raid as a “raid” but rather a “lawful search.”
05 August, 07:29
Amnesty International Vindicates #Infowars’ Ukraine War Reporting, Confirms Zelensky Forces Using Civilians As Human Shield
Philly Deplorable @JohnM4480
15 July, 02:25
Eric Thompson @EricThompson
14 July, 12:04
Abortion Doctor Who Made Up the Story About the 10-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Has Been Accused of Not Reporting Underage Abortions.
TinHat Granny @TinHatGranny
12 July, 01:52
karen maquias @kiki
03 July, 09:17
TinHat Granny @TinHatGranny
15 June, 09:41

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