Watch: Thousands of Violent Migrants Swarm Spanish Enclave in Africa

NINE Former Border Patrol Heads Oppose Punishment Of Agents CLEARED Of ‘Whipping’ Migrants

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Student Kicked Out of UK College For Supporting Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

America Is Wide Open, India Is Pouring In.
2:45 Am from Yuma and large groups of migrants are awaiting to be apprehended by border patrol. Many single males from India are crossing tonight

#migrants ➼ BANG IN THE HEAD❗

Police in Spain have arrested two Moroccan migrant men for allegedly sexually abusing at least eight girls, including three minors, in the town of Elda, Alicante during the yearly festival which celebrates pivotal victories of the Christians over the Moors in the Spanish Reconquista.

2A=SELF DEFENSE, In Spite Of all the lies of tyrants like FRUITeau & Brandon - THAT’S WHY (((They))) want to get rid of it!

Trudeau Declares You Can’t Use A Gun For Self-Protection In Canada - YouTube

Canada Gun Rights"Guns are for hunting and target practice, but never for self-defense.” No one in Canada has a right to defend themsel...

Frank Raymon - Implications of Mexican Migrant Inflow - 2008

Non White Mass Migration is Mass REPLACEMENT for Whites

#diversity #NWO #agenda21 #race #identity #nationalism #White #Mexican

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