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Another BAADDDD Trump decision to support globalist and Oprah puppet Dr. Oz. WTF is happening with Trump's current mental health?

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Elon Musk Warns That Biden Is a Globalist Puppet & America Is In Danger of Becoming Venezuela


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"Puppet of the Democratic Party" - Tucker Carlson Absolutely DESTROYS RINO Kevin McCarthy after He's Caught on Audio Calling on Big Tech to Silence Conservatives (VIDEO)

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As World Plunges Into Depression & War, America Is Led By A Puppet President Who Takes Orders From The Easter Bunny

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In response charlie brownau to his Publication

John Birch Society’s been doing that since shortly after WW2…nobody takes it seriously as long as the (((Roth$child rugrat$))) $elected political puppet$ - like that papi$t dumba$$ Brandon - keep making monya preenta go “whirr!”


Wayne Allyn Root shares his part in a Florida Event called Club 45, which featured two speakers: President Trump and himself. The focus: Puppet Dementia Joe’s handlers are destroying America. It’s good to keep the details in mind as the censors try to make YOU not remember:

The NWO is the Plandemic

There is a Globalist agenda to devalue or even eliminate Individual Liberty. Coup-elected Biden (Puppet-In-Chief) is on board to this threatening transformation. A transformation mind you – that has been discreetly snowballing for decades. BUT seems to have become more and more from the installation of Barry Sotero – err, I mean Barrack Hussein Obama – to power on the U.S. side of this global socio-political transformation. … READ ALL:

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GREAT RESET: Puppet President Biden Heralds Food Shortages as Next Step of Globalist Power Grab

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It doesn’t seem any amount of vaccines did the sock-puppet any good. In all likelihood, they may have weakened her immune system.

In response Ex-Mormon For Jesus to his Publication

STUPID BITCH INGRAHAM. It was NEVER about incompetence, Biden is accomplishing EXACTLY what his puppet masters want him to. This is why I NO LONGER watch FOX News, they SUCK like the rest of the MSM.

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