OANN is being removed from DirecTV. But it is streamed on JoshWhoTV (a true platform for free speech) here:

"DirecTV Says It Will Not Renew Contract with OANN"

#joshwhotv #OANN #FreeSpeech #directv #tvstreaming

Hah! #LauraLoomer rocks!
Four Years Later, Republicans Pay the Price for Ignoring the Deplatforming of Laura Loomer

EFF claims to support true free speech
- https://www.eff.org/pages/blue-ribbon-campaign

At the same time supporting International Equality , Diversity + Inclusion
which relys on deplatforming, exlusion, censorship , anti merit, anti qualifcation
along with suppoprting Western Destruction and White Genocide


If I am forced to later this year shut everything down due to not getting justice, America loses 1 more free speech platform and #JoeBiden , #LetsGoBrandon & his god Satan Lucifer Beelzebub wins! Simple as that! End of Story!

I created a Gettr account before it launched, but never used it because of what I was seeing regarding its China ties...or is it just haters trying to take the platform down? Hmmm...
What are you really getting with GETTR?

Censored mRNA Platform Inventor Tells All on Rogan Show

Dr. Mercola has provided a detailed analysis of the entire 3-hour Rogan/Malone interview trying to be vanquished by Big Tech. Which includes follow-up questions between Dr. Malone and Kristi Leigh. … READ & WATCH: https://bit.ly/3qdD8At

Devin Nunes Speaks on Trump ‘TRUTH’ Social Media Platform, Says He Is Still ‘Doing a Public Service’ | REPORT ⬇️


And would you look at that... Infowars has always been about exposing censorship. But now they have been caught censoring. How ironic. Don't have that problem on JoshWhoTV, since it is a platform, not a publisher.

#Infowars #joshwhotv #Censorship


Latest news on Telegram

Telegram blocks Elijah Schaffer’s comment section for Apple and Google

#Censorship #paywall #ecosystem #FreeSpeech #platform #sms #WEF #corporation #telegram

XMPP or Delta Chat is a better solution

For those of you who are still on FB and think you are making a difference, I have a suggestion since no one can convince to get off. At some point, you will say something that will get you kicked off, throttled, or buried deep in the hole of silence within their platform so... Start spreading the word that you have an account with another platform, i.e. Mewe, and that all of your followers should make note on where to find you and how to connect again. I have seen too many people now that have been cancelled and they didn't plan ahead and lost all connections. It's best to sway people over to another platform, just in case, and this way you will find out how important you are as well! Maybe you are not making the difference you think you are - even with family!

I d

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