Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
03 December, 04:08
The Shadow State: a feature documentary by The Epoch Times (Nov 29, 2022)
“The Shadow State,” a feature documentary by The Epoch Times, takes a deep dive inside the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) industry, an emerging multitrillion-dollar power structure that unites governments with corporations in the march toward a brave new world of climate and social justice. See how it works, what its goals are, and who is driving it. Will this new global alliance bring us a cleaner, more peaceful, more equitable future, or will it bring shortages, poverty, and political instability? Will this partnership of government with banking and tech giants deliver prosperity and freedom, or will it control our lives in ways that 20th-century totalitarians only dreamed of? https://www.theepochtimes....
Contenders Edge @ContendersEdge
02 December, 06:48
They shouldn’t be getting paid anything if their protests were anything but peaceful. If they were rioting, destroying property, threatening and doing harm to innocent people, then they deserved whatever their actions received.
Contenders Edge @ContendersEdge
28 November, 02:56
Chris Wray admitting that most abortion related violence is not being carried out by pro-lifers. Will he ever admit that the MAGA movement is generally peaceful and does not desire violence and warfare?
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
25 November, 04:14
Bill Gates Tells World Leaders ‘Death Panels’ Will Soon Be Required
Unelected world health czar Bill Gates has told world leaders that it’s time to start talking about “death panels” that sentence ordinary, law-abiding people to death for the crime of being of no use to the elite. Bill Gates has become so arrogant in recent times that he is happy for cameras to catch him saying the quiet parts out loud. Terrifying stuff, I’m sure you will agree. Gates doesn’t explain why we can’t pay teachers and allow people to live out their lives in peace. Why is it either/or? After all, in the past we didn’t have any problem paying teachers their salaries and allowing our old people to enjoy their grandchildren during thei
Bill Gates Tells World Leaders ‘Death Panels’ Will Soon Be Required - YouTube

Unelected world health czar Bill Gates has told world leaders that it’s time to start talking about “death panels” that sentence ordinary, law-abiding people...

John Houk @johnhouk
21 November, 10:54
There Are Bad Times to Overcome – So RESIST

Summary: Thoughts on Christian disagreement and agreement. Then moving toward End Times thoughts on current & future tyranny and the effects upon stalwart Believers in present and future.

Thoughts from Daymond Duck & Terry James worth reading useful for peaceful & necessary RESISTANCE to tyranny:
#TrustJesus #ResistTyranny
karen maquias @kiki
19 November, 03:00
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
17 November, 11:52
#RedChina Tells #Russia It’s Willing to Facilitate Any #Ukraine Talks https://www.straitstimes.c...
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
16 November, 11:56
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
16 November, 07:26
#Arizona - #Patriots Call For New Midterm #Election On December 6… Or Else They’ll “Peacefully Descend” On Their Government https://thewashingtonstand...
Matt Shea @MattShea
15 November, 09:14
United States President Biden and Chinese President Xi will meet in person next week in Bali, intending to discuss each other’s priorities, intentions, and ideas when it comes to “peaceful competition.” Biden has said that he will make no “fundamental concessions” in these talks.
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
03 November, 05:05 (E)
#be -saved, #Bible , #Bible -study, #Christian -podcasts, #Christian -talk, #christianity , @eric - thompson, #God , #heaven , #Hell , #jesus , #jesus -christ, #jesus -is-god, #Judgement , #Leviticus -17, #Moses , #old -testament, #One -way-to-god, #peace , #Sermons
Listen to the @EricThompson Show - #jesus In #God . Don’t Eat The Blood. #Leviticus 17 is on now at my Internet Radio Station, Radio America USA – scroll down to the On Demand Section and Click the Photo to listen! http://www.radioamericausa...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
24 October, 05:44
Website Feature: #Constitutional #Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association #CSPOA -
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
18 October, 06:29
───── EU IDIOTS─────

🇪🇺 The EU Foreign Affairs Council web site reported that the EU foreign ministers “agreed to establish an EU Military Assistance Mission (MAM) to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The mission will train around 15,000 troops on EU soil. They also agreed to allocate a further €500 million under the European Peace Facility to finance deliveries for the Ukrainian defence forces, thereby bringing EU military assistance for Ukraine to a total of €3.1 billion.” ( It will end badly if America and Russia do not make peace. )
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
13 October, 04:12
🇺🇸 🗽 Trump’s Plea For Peace, a Charge Against Biden

As the mid-term elections in the United States approach, Donald Trump is making news by vigorously attacking his former opponent, President Joe Biden, for his handling of the war in Ukraine. The former U.S. president also criticised the Western community for its insincere attempts at peace.

zoltan 4C™ @lobello
09 October, 04:22
Pope prays for an end to the threat of nuclear warfare

Pope Francis turns his thoughts to the very real threat of nuclear warfare, recalling times in which the path of peace was chosen despite the tensions.

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