#wethepeople MUST if you want to save this nation, CAN NOT IGNORE #fchucktodd , #David Muir, #pbs , #CBS , #abc #CNN #MSNBC & the Controlled Opposition of the Right #jasonmiller of #GETTR & #andrewtorba of #Gab #SonlifeBroadcasting etc. THEY ALL MUST BE DEALT WITH LAWFULLY and #constitutionally ! THEY ARE NOT GOING AWAY, they are part of the Government Media Complex and the CIA Controlled Mockingbird Media - you better get a grip on this NOW, they fully intend to take us down literally! me and a very few can not do it all, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO LAWFULLY DEAL WITH THESE Fascists Nazis Communists like F. Chuck Todd (F. Spelled "eff" ) - #wakeupamerica

Here is the YouTube version of my new video where I respond to old earth creationist Greg Neyman's 2017 article about the dark side of young earth creationism by exposing how the dark side of old earth creationism is on full display in the piece.

#gregneyman #oldearthcreationism #darkside #falseteacher #exposed


Greg Neyman's Dark Side Of YEC Piece Exposes The Dark Side Of OEC - YouTube

Apologist Justin Derby responds to old earth creationist Greg Neyman's 2017 article about the dark side of young earth creationism by pointing out that what ...

Biden's Free Masks Are Here! Do You Want One? - YouTube

When government promises you something for free, it's a good idea to look that gift horse in the mouth. Now that the free government facemasks have arrived i...

The left are dangerous Fascists - DirecTV pressured to drop #OANN by unhinged radicals.
This is how the march towards tyrannical rule progressives.
Book Burnings in Germany, 1933

Muslim films himself beating a White French Woman in France

Diversity is a {{{ STRENGTH }}}
All cultures and regions are peacefull and compltable
Its racist to have a single race for a single nation if your WHITE
Embrace your multi racial society bigot

#ISLAM #france #muslim #diversity #race #nationalism #idenity #Migration #europe

What’s behind the clockface of London’s Big Ben? - YouTube

Big Ben's dials will emerge from a shroud of scaffolding after three-and-a-half years, in time to ring in the New Year. #BigBen #ClockTower #London #England ...

Topher - Facts Are Racist (feat. Bryson Gray)[Lyric Video] - YouTube

Buy Space Fore EP "Retreat"https://ditto.fm/retreat-space-force-featuring-dcurethe-marine-rapper-topherBuy Album:https://tophertownmusic.bandcamp.com/album/n...

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