Rally in Los Angeles: Stop the harmful vaccine mandates. People are dying and being permanently harmed by the vaccines. Stop the mass firings. Stop segregating by vaccination status. Stop calling American “unpatriotic” for making a personal medical choice. Stop the censorship. #vaccinekills #vaccineharms
#stopthemandates #faicilied #cdclied

Here's something that's not well known to many Western-World "Bible Believers", a video of Vladimir #Putin quoting the #Bible (John 15:13) at a rally in celebration of the return of #Crimea to the #Russian Federation. #Russia has a leader that loves #christianity while #NATO is run by #SATANIC #Globalists . And sadly, a lot of "Bible #Believers ", or so-called, don't have the minimum discernment to see the difference.

Make Russia Great: 203,000 Russian #Patriots Rally to Support Bible-quoting Putin.
203,000 Russians recently attended a patriotic rally in support of #VladimirPutin and the war in #Ukraine , combatting the #DeepState and #Cabal corruption.
WE SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS. #Messianic #Nazarene #Christian #wakeup #WakeBackUp #StayAwake #StayAlert

For all patriotic American citizens the time for civil disobedience has arrived. This is the government about which our founding fathers warned us. Each one of us is our own sovereign. No one rules over us. Government answers to us, not the other way around. We serve no masters. Support your fellow Americans’ freedoms. Do not shame them for exercising their basic rights as citizens for self-determination. Visit https://selfgovern.com for more information.

Video: Biden Asks “What’s The Big Deal?” About Vaccine Mandates; Says It’s “Patriotic” To Take COVID Jabs


Great Patriotic Song

Muse - Uprising


Muse - Uprising [Official Video] - YouTube

Watch the music video for "Uprising" now!"Uprising" was released as the lead single from Muse's fifth studio album, The Resistance, on September 7, 2009.The ...

I love patriotic artist Jon McNaughton's art. If you wish to buy any of his artwork/prints here is his website URL.. His prints are pretty inexpensive..


And lastly an original song you can feel FREE TO SHARE on your other social media pages.. (I may post more patriotic songs later today.)


Flag Flyin' High - YouTube

Written, Produced, Performed By: Lee Richards © 10-20-2013

Lost Video Reemerges of Biden Giving ‘Shockingly’ Unpatriotic Speech https://steadfastclash.com/the-latest/lost-video-reemerges-of-biden-giving-shockingly-unpatriotic-speech/

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