In response William J. Conaway to his Publication

His treason should be dealt with, unlike Marine Lt.Col Scheller,who is in confinement, he disobeyed a gag order not to comment on any Social Media. He resigned effective Sept 11, but the DOD wanted him, so they found a way to get him. Fearful of the truth, the DOD is making sue he gets a Court Martial, then his future is ruined, he can. And this Overweight General looks like warp crap in uniform

I am curious, what percentage of those hospitalized with COVID are unhealthy due to being overweight and/or illegal aliens who just invaded our nation?

Politicians Demands Vaccine Passports To Control The Unvaccinated (RANT) - YouTube

#AusPOL #Passports #HeiseSaysSouth Australian Politician Frank Pangolla is demanding vaccine passports to control and restrict the unvaccinated. "Papers Plea...

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