Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
18 November, 08:05
Part 3: for an undetermined period of time I will not be posting as often & may be offline a few days as: I am looking to be an LLC for my websites then after that find an alternative to #PayPal – it may take the rest of the year to do this.
riccherda Mont @riccherda
06 July, 08:08
Video Surveillance as a Service Market - Trends, Growth, with COVID19 Impact, Forecast By 2028
What is the Forecast Market Value for Video Surveillance as a Service Market?
The video surveillance as a service market will grow at a CAGR of 21.85% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028. Rising low rate of investment at initial level to avail video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) services is an essential factor driving the video surveillance as a service market..

 Global Video Surveillance as a Service Market Definition
From the name itself, it is clear that medical devices cleaning is a process that medical devices go through to maintain their cleanliness and sterility. Numerous products are available in the market via both online and offline modes of distrib
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
07 June, 09:10
Digital Cypto has gone full circle

The Bitcoin Note – Secure, Self-Custodial Bitcoin Wallets in Physical Cash Form
* https://news.ycombinator.c...


Ive recommended Community Currency Physical based on hours is the solution for Money
* Not Digital
* Not Electronic
* No Central Banks
* No Power Grid
* No Internet

Migrating away from the Multi National Central Banking Cartel
and International Corporation Governance is the solution

Physical Cash , Barter, Swap, Exchange, No state system Trade

* No Welfare
* No Taxation
* No IMF, Central bank, Corporations or Governments

#Usury #debt #currency #money
#trade #swap #exchange #currency
#community #Localis
Marian Kamp @WWG1WGA
23 February, 06:13
American activist Kyle Kashuv, who survived the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, has posted a video on Twitter that he says was previously taken offline by the platform.

The video includes a fragment of a lecture that Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, gave in 2017. He says half of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's cabinet is made up of Young Global Leaders from the World Economic Forum. “We are invading the cabinets.”
Robert Smith @res416
17 February, 05:48
Bank Run? Canada's Top Banks Mysteriously Go Offline
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
15 January, 12:27
Linux Tech :-

Just replaced youtube-dl with yt-dlp
free opensource program to download files to store offline from censortube and various online streaming sites

* Article -
* source code -

#yt -dlp #Youtube -dl #censortube #media #offline #linux #arch
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
16 November, 04:30
Briar 1.4 – Offline sharing, message transfer via SD cards and USB sticks (
#Mobile #Offgrid #Briar #messaging #offline
LeeRichards @LeeRichards
13 November, 02:09
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
09 June, 05:37

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