Columbus, OH police officer: “I’m your LGBTQIA+ liaison officer and we are unveiling...our pride cruiser for the month of June!”

Airport screening officers launch labour action to protest 'disrespect' from Ottawa

Emergencies Act, ‘Freedom Convoy’ records withheld until days before inquiry end: PCO - National |

District Cooling Market Analysis, Segments, Growth and Value Chain 2019-2027

Key Highlights:

The global district cooling market was valued at around US$ 20 Bn in 2018 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of more than 7% during the forecast period
The commercial end-user segment accounted for major share of the district cooling market, increasing utilization of these systems in commercial sectors such as hotels, malls, and offices
Middle East & Africa is anticipated to be one of the high growth regions of the district cooling market, due to hot climatic conditions in the sub-region with temperatures ranging between 35°C and 55°C
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Commercial End-User

Videos are emerging of brutal lineups forming at Service Canada offices across the country as Canadians wait to renew their passports following the suspension of the unvaccinated travel ban.

In response zoltan 4C™ to his Publication

"Oh look boys a man no one will miss who's currently in the middle of nowhere, wanna test our gadgets out on him?"
His name was Jame Boyd and it happened in 2014. The two police officers accused of murder were put on trial in which they got off two years later because the jury could not come to a unanimous decision; This is called a hung jury.

Video: Let’s Just Get Through It - at 7:20 on Law Abiding Citizen saves Police Officer - #2a #2AShallNotBeInfringed #SecondAmendment #GunRights

How does Kamala Harris hugging a nearly-naked drag queen uphold the 'dignity of the office'? - LifeSite

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