In response John Burke to his Publication

Why is World Central banking - legal

Why is Taxation, GST/VAT and Income tax - legal

Why is white replacement - legal

Why is forced min wage - legal

why is Abortion (ethnic genocide) - legal

Why is Zionist Occuption of our white nation - legal

How can you have 'freedom'
During the Plandemic
White Genocide
Mass Murder Abortions
Gun 'control'
and zionist occuption of our nation

Trolling soyphers on parler -

Chinese State System is Anti White and Pro Black

China is NOT a solution to the Anti White govermental occuption system in White nations

Primary school asks boys (and teachers) to wear skirts to class to 'promote equality'

International Zionist Occuption push's
Anti White
Anti Male
Anti Straight
and White Genocide onto the White population of white nations

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

Why should we have
State Heath
State 'education'
State Grid

Why shouldnt it be up to
and Church

to Teach, educate, pass on knowldge, care and look after the local community

Why should we rely on Anti White, Anti Nation, Corrupt Zionist occuption force that puppets our 'polticans' and 'officals'

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

Texas only hope is to succed from International Federal Goverment, Zionist occuption, World Central banking cartel and UN Agenda 21 2020-2030 pacts signed by the uniparty israel first goverence system

America and Texas should be for Whites Only
No Jews
No Black South Africas
No "Diversity" (non white)

Build a HUGE wall around Texas

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

170 nations GOVERMENTS signed
Agenda 21 2020-2030 in 1991

170 of the uniparty occuption system
all agreed to form a single World Dictorship

Tax cattle never got to vote, choose or was asked
Statism is slavery
Taxation is theif
Abortion is mass murder
Multiculturalism is population replacement

What are Christians + church going to do ?
Sit back +pray for jesus to fly down to snap hi

Christianity & Conservative conserves
Zionist occuption
Jewish Power
Agenda 21
Status quo
White Genocide + White Destruction
Anti White + Race Mixing + Weakness + Moral Decline

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