Unsubbed to pizza corporation delivery spam today

1 - Im sick of the Anti White Push
2 - Overpriced shit compared to home made

Would the Delivery companies in INDIA , South Korea or China
by using NIGGAS in their photos

#anti -White #corporations #Delivery #Pizza #Fast -Food

UK is run by Anti Whites & World Jewery

The {system} wants Whites
* White Genocide
* Whites Replaced
* Whites Unhealthy
* Whites Brainwashed
* Whites Watered down, mixed , IQ lowered

Teachers telling 10 year old kids to talk to fathers about cum and penis's
State ""education"" in 2022
- https://odysee.com/@AussieFighter:8/Beyond-belief:c2

Keep voting GOYIM
since its worked so well for the last 5-25-55-255 years
I'm sure it will magically change the direction of World Government in 2030

#tax #voting #state #government #sheeple #education #schools
#statism #Wealth -Redistribution #Mind -Control #brainwashing

What about the wamans
Not all Niggas
ISLAM is a region of (peace)

White Grandmother Has Arm Literally RIPPED OFF by Black Teens, {Mainstream Media} is Silent
(Vince James) {odysee}
- https://odysee.com/@RealRedElephants:d/White-Grandmother-Has-Arm-Literally-RIPPED-OFF-by-Black-Teens,-Media-is-Silent:0

#anti -White #unprovoked #race #identity #nationalism #separation #Segregation #didnuffin

- White only Community
- White only streets
- White only village/towns
- Self Segregation
- Self Separation
- self Succession

No niggas
No Arabs
No Chinese
No Jews
No druggos
No Welfare
No Gays
No Corporations
No Central banks
= Zero to Almost no crime

London Train tunnel
System showing hows its replacing whites with black workers

#anti -White #diversity #multiculturalism #White -replacement
#niggas #Jews #Chinks #Gooks #Kikes #uk #London #england

You cant make America great again with Jews, Arabs, Chinese and Niggas

Based Meme

Lets make America White again

#White #America #european #Nation #idenity
#White -POWER

Can self hating anti whites
and International Commies/Marxist/kikes
be de programmed before 2030 ?

It really doesnt look like it

No real sympthy when they are all lined up and shot by
NWO goverence in 2030-2040
Drones, Robots, Niggas, Chinese, Arabs


WHITE MALE REMIX Aids Skrillex vs. himself 'you're a white man' brilliant remix SJW vs. own words - YouTube

This video was taken down originally. The back story: In 2016 at a Trump Rally in St. Louis, Missouri, Owen Shroyer (the Cuck Slayer) took on 'Carl the Cuck'...

In response Bernice Halbert to her Publication

The BLM scumhoodniggas DO NOT care about Black lives, if they did they would be protesting in Chicago EVERY WEEKEND.

Niggas mass killing Ind1ans and Whites in S0uth Africa
- Mult!cultural$sm DOES NOT WORK
- Its the J3WS FAULT https://www.bitchute.com/video/1ytErD2dkN3Q/

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