Four Top Professors Can't Prove Evolution | Evolution vs. God Movie

- Dinosaurs
- Evolution
- Spining Globe/Space/Moon Landing/Gravity
- More then 2 genders
- Equality
- Feminism
- Globalism
- Multi racialism/Multiculturalism

Four Top Professors Can't Prove Evolution | Evolution vs. God Movie - YouTube

Hear expert testimony from leading evolutionary scientists from some of the world's top universities:• Peter Nonacs, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biol...

In response jeffhertzog to his Publication

Ready to finally

remove female 'rights'
remove blacks from white society
End Multiculturalism
bring back segeration
no more taxation
no more central banks
no more corporations
WHITE STRAIGHT MEN back in charge ?

Its got to get worse then

In response For Liberty to his Publication

To reject Agenda 21 2020-2030 which was signed off by 170 nations goverment in 1991

You would have to reject
- Multiculturalism
- Equality
- Liberalism
- Overseas aid
- UN Pacts/agrements
- World Central banks
- Israel first polticans, goverment, policys
- Anti Ethnic Nationalism
- Censorship 'laws'

Ready to name the choosen parasite ?

Ready to put wamans back in the kitchen ?

In response LeeRichards to his Publication

What will the christians and church do


Because they stand for nothing

They are weak

They are puppets for International Zionism

They AGREE with Agenda 21

They AGREE with White Genocide

THEY agree with Plandemic

They agree with feminism, multiculturalism, Liberalism, statism,diversity+free love

Thjey refuse to hold women, gov,business,banks accontable for the

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

170 nations GOVERMENTS signed
Agenda 21 2020-2030 in 1991

170 of the uniparty occuption system
all agreed to form a single World Dictorship

Tax cattle never got to vote, choose or was asked
Statism is slavery
Taxation is theif
Abortion is mass murder
Multiculturalism is population replacement

What are Christians + church going to do ?
Sit back +pray for jesus to fly down to snap hi

Israel needs more Diversity
Israel needs more blacks, chinese and arabs
We need more mixing of Jews and Blacks

Diversity is {{{ our }}} Strength

#multiculturalism #diversity #race #IQ #Nation #idenity #mixed #black #arab #Jews

In response Richard Redhawk to his Publication

Trump supported:
Operation Warp Speed, Big phama jabs for all
Mass LEGAL migration
Affirm action
Gun Grab
Israel first, Whites last
Zionist power in USA
Banker Bought
Big business buddy

Trump is the swamp

BTW how is that wall going.................

and clinton arrests .......

and invesgiation into 9/11 + Espstien 'suicide'

Diversity is {{{ OUR }}} Strength (weapon)

Newly Arrived Afghan Refugees Charged with MULTIPLE RAPES
of Children and Women (Vincent James)
- Bitchute -

#replacement #nationalism #patriotism #idenity #race #IQ #region
#arab #culture #childbride #rape #gangrape #wamans #chillins
#massmigration #multiculturalism #diversity #regionofpeace

In response Michael Stone to his Publication

All Goverment is slavery

Taxation is theif

Abortion is genocide

Multiculturalism is ethnic replacement

Diversity is a Weapon against US

Equality is FORCED equal outcome/equal results

Feminism is a weapon against MEN and the population

World Zionism, central banks and corporations control our nations

In response For Liberty to his Publication

Why is "FREEDOM" based on Authorianism, Theif, Corruption, Lies , deciption , brainwashing and propagenda

Statism is Slavery

Taxation is theif

Abortion is Genocide

Multiculturalism + open Borders is population REPLACEMENT

Christianity has become weak subverted and a tool of the enemy as it stands for NOTHING

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