Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
28 September, 11:53
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
13 September, 09:03
Anti White Tranny Ardern lifts Convid Restrictions in NZ
- 13/Sept/2022 -

#Plandemic #CONvid #muzzle #face -Nappy #ministry -of-heath #NZ #Authoritarianism #NWO #WEF
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
10 September, 06:03
This weekend #Saints of #God & the Lord #JesusChrist get together with fellow Saints, read your #kjv #kingjamesbible #Bible and if you need/want more study material, my ministry page as I plan to add sermons to the site.
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
10 September, 11:44
I may not always be on social media, but 24/7 I am at my Flagship Website so please bookmark the site for updates.

Also if you want a #Church #BibleStudy - go to my ministry page
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
25 August, 06:57
As the Last Weekend of August 2022 comes, please visit my websites as the renovation of them continue!

I have the Blog back plus My Message Board is where you can now put your prayer requests

Website where you can purchase Organic Healthy Items from my Affiliates -
Church #Bible Ministry Page
Videos Website - http://www.jeffhertzog.vid...
The Social & Video Medias I am on - http://www.jeffhertzo
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22 August, 06:47
As the renovations of my websites continue, for those wishing a #Church #BibleStudy - My #ministry Page is Complete although there will be additions as needed please bookmark & study - #kjv #kingjamesbible #Bible #Scriptures
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
18 August, 06:01
For those who like #BibleStudy #Bible - bookmark my Ministry - #Church website that is complete but as always there will be additions as needed. Plenty of Material there for studying! #kjv #kingjamesbible #Scriptures
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
14 August, 03:40
Russia Says It May Sever US Relations If Declared Terrorism Sponsor

“I would like to mention the legislative initiative currently being discussed in Congress to declare Russia a ‘country sponsor of terrorism.’ If passed, it would mean that Washington would have to cross the point of no return, with the most serious collateral damage to bilateral diplomatic relations, up to their lowering or even breaking them off. The US side has been warned.” ➖ Alexander Darchiyev, director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s
29 July, 01:08
THE #AmericanJournal LIVE! 🇺🇸

Ministry of Truth - The System Is Gaslighting You To Force Your Obedience:

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John Houk @johnhouk
25 July, 09:29
I Pray People Awaken and Resist Control Tyranny

I begin with post of “The Covid Vaccine Plot.” Next a Documentary video: ‘Davos Elite Plan to "Fundamentally Change the Way Food Is Produced and Consumed"’ Last a Ministry video: “Prophecy Update: The Reset Rising.” … READ & WATCH:
Marian Kamp @WWG1WGA
23 July, 10:16
Dutch Ministry of Defense

Defense today received the first 4 of a total of 134 electric utility vehicles. The rest will follow in phases until the end of the year. With this, the armed forces is contributing to the social task of combating climate change. 😂
Philly Deplorable @JohnM4480
18 July, 03:24
Ex-Mormon For Jesus @ex_mormonforjesus
07 July, 08:47
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
27 June, 04:43
US trains terrorists in Syria: Russia
Russia's Defense Ministry has announced that the United States is training terrorists in Syria's Al-Tanf region.

Bassam Sabbagh, Syria's permanent representative to the United Nations, recently announced at a Security Council meeting that Washington is trying to revive ISIS in Syria.
The US military and its affiliated terrorist elements have been present in Syria illegally for a long time, and in addition to looting the country's oil resources and grains, they are taking action against the Syrian people and forces.
Gloria Wilkins @TRUHSEEKER
24 June, 06:20
Fact Checkers Are the Ministry of Truth
Fact Checkers Are the Ministry of Truth - YouTube

Orwell rolls in his grave.LOCALS (Exclusive content!): MERCH: https://www.subscribest...

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