LATEST: The Pentagon has announced a new $1 billion military aid package for Ukraine.

The package includes more missiles for the HIMARS advanced rocket systems; Javelin anti-tank weapons; and armored vehicles.

Ukrainian army’s residential bases endangering civilians: Amnesty
Right group says Kyiv’s forces have turned ‘civilian objects into military targets’ by taking up positions in hospitals and schools.

US Military Hosts Drag Show, Encouraged Children to Attend With Bouncy Castles and Face Painting

US Military Ran Hypersonic Missile Strike Drills In Major Cities Ahead Of Pelosi Taiwan Visit

Russia preparing to attack southern Ukraine, Kyiv says, as U.S. announces more military aid
Muther Russia

Why the US Used Agent Orange in Vietnam and What Makes It So Deadly
Agent Orange

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PELOSI HAS LANDED: China Vows “Targeted Military Actions” Over House Speaker’s Taiwan Visit!


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Hungry North Koreans bristle as elites feast on expensive dog meat

Blinken, Lavrov report no progress after discussing prisoner swap

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