It has occurred to me that MAGA may have two meanings:

1. Make America Great Again

2. Make America Godly Again

If we would Make America Great Again, what do you all think needs to happen first?

This overturns most gun control schemes of the modern era.
"Courts must first analyze the Second Amendment’s text, and then consult history to determine whether the regulation is consistent with America’s tradition of firearm regulation.
While historical material from before, during, and after the Founding may be considered, the Second Amendment’s “meaning is fixed according to the understandings of those who ratified it.” Moreover, “not all history is created equal.” Founding-era history is paramount; 20th century history is irrelevant."

I am now a member on Truth Social. If you haven't heard it is now Web based, meaning you can sign up and log on via web browser.. If you do join or already joined, Make sure you follow me on there @MAGA_MAFIA Hope to see you there :)

#America how many candidates running for Office on ALL levels will fight to END the #Unconstutional #PropertyTaxes ? If is Fascist & Communist to pay Property Taxes meaning you are renting from the Government!

Biden Has a 'Deplorables' Moment as Attempt to Give Conservatives a Demeaning New Name Backfires via@WestJournalism

Pastor Jim Devney - #sermon #kjv #kingjamesbible #BibleStudy #Bible #Scriptures - 4 - 27 - 22 "Knowing The Meaning of The Bible"

4 -27- 22 "Knowing The Meaning of The Bible" - YouTube

Pastor Jim Devney's Wednesday Evening Bible Study. Click here to get the syllabus:

Does her plans entail more thefts as in 2020?
We know they did all they could below the belt I must add.
To Win And to America's loss A Biden Admin.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren claims Republicans are focused on 'wokeness' and 'cancel culture' and says her party can avoid a midterm GOP bloodbath with 'meaningful improvements for working people

Not only that but we need to invest in theme parks more meaningful and are not known to display a hostility towards biblical principles and American values.

[I’d put my money towards attractions like the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum built and run by the Answers In Genesis ministry.]

In response William J. Conaway to his Publication

In the United States, the death figures have been complicated by the fact that the CDC has estimated that only about 6% of the recorded COVID-19 deaths were from COVID-19 only. The other fatalities had an average of more than two comorbidities, meaning serious underlying conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Similarly, in Italy, a study found only 2.9% of the people with COVID-19 on their death certificate had no underlying conditions.

N0 $WEAT, MEGAPHRON-We Don’t Wor$hip The Earth-bitch, so we absolutely won’t serve the Roman CULT by signing on for another meaningless, American-resource-wasting banKHAZARwar!
#FUCKhazari $tocracy #RUINveldt $chtaat

Terrence Popp Tells the Truth About Male Suicide (Self Deletion) 06/June/2021 - (TerrencePopp) [JoshwhoTV]

#nofaultdivorce #Pussy -pass #Alimony #divorce -settlement #divorce #SUICIDE #male -suicide
#meaning #male #manly #Value #society #White -Genocide #depression #male -homeless

AMERICA Needs Another Useless, meaningless police-action like a submarine needs a screen door.
#ALLpoliceAction $rBanKHAZAR$’policeAction$

The Govt Is Betraying the American People

Here are Justin Smith’s sentiments on how a lawless govt ships Illegal Aliens into the USA giving an amplified meaning to the old Communist adage of spread the wealth by transporting Illegals secretly to various locations:
#IllegalAliensFloodAmerica #ResistTyranny

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