STOP Giving People who Hate you Money! THAT is how we WIN! (RGE) {{{ Odysee }}}!:f

#enemy #theyhateus #zionism #Commies #feminists #marxist #Internationalism #antiwhite

International Federal Goverance = Anti White
Mainstream Culture/media/news/etc = Anti White
World Central Banking = Anti White
Multi National Corporations = Anti White
AAA games = Anti White
Microsoft/Redhat/Google/Intel/Netflix = Anti White

Tyrannis Mors [Tyranny is Death]

Here Justin shares how the Senate Filibuster managed to survive yet another Dem-Marxist attack throwing at least a temporary monkey wrench in the Dem-Marxist power-control grab by Federalizing America’s election process to ensure continued ELECTION FRAUD on a national basis. Dem-Marxists Lie:
#TyrannyIsDeath #FreedomToCheatAct

Marxist Enemies Of America Are Showing Up As Leaders In The Church (Video)

Gaetz & MTG Jan 6 Truth vs Dem-Marxist Lies Presser

The Left Stream Media and Dem-Marxists (including treasonous RINOs) Commissar inquisition House January 6 Committee lies to America while two Republicans (Matt Gaetz & Marjorie Taylor Greene) expose the truth in a 1/7/22 news conference. The video … WATCH & READ THE REST:

Can self hating anti whites
and International Commies/Marxist/kikes
be de programmed before 2030 ?

It really doesnt look like it

No real sympthy when they are all lined up and shot by
NWO goverence in 2030-2040
Drones, Robots, Niggas, Chinese, Arabs

WHITE MALE REMIX Aids Skrillex vs. himself 'you're a white man' brilliant remix SJW vs. own words - YouTube

This video was taken down originally. The back story: In 2016 at a Trump Rally in St. Louis, Missouri, Owen Shroyer (the Cuck Slayer) took on 'Carl the Cuck'...

SUMMARY: Here are some selected cross posts related to the Dem-Marxist/Globalist brainwashing promotion of the COVID Jab idiocy. I pray the Americans falling for lying science WAKE-UP! … Vids AND MORE:

Actual COVID Facts to Examine

Here is another moment of COVID science facts that the MSM, Dem-Marxists and Globalist dedicated scientists/doctors would rather YOU not know OR will downright lie to defame the facts:

The Truth about BLM (Marxists) - Black Lives Matter is Led by Trained Marxists /Communists
(Patrice Cullors is Half Jew/Half Black)(Patrice Cullors Co-Founder)

#Jewish #black #BLM #marxist #commie

Medical/COVID Tyranny Facts Dismissed by Controllers

Americans are chronically being lied to being fed in part misinformation and in a large part blatant false/untrue information. This post is more facts for Jack that the political Marxist/Fascists lie about, and character assassinate constantly:

BOOM! Moderate Senator Manchin (D-WV) Kills Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) Marxist Spending Bill.

Failing to Prove Meat Kills You - YouTube

#Diet #Enviormentalism #HeiseSaysResearch aiming to prove meat consumption increased all-cause mortality and cardiovascular mortality, proved the opposite.Tw...

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