In response John Burke to his Publication

TOO LATE, the Democrats have ALREADY rebuilt their Slave Plantation and Goldberg is one of the head N@gga Slaves spewing HATE and LIES through her Massa's, the Mainstream Media.

New Study: Mississippi’s 15-Week Limit on Abortion in the 'Mainstream’ of European Law

Charlotte Lozier Institute | July 27, 2021

#AlexJones Reveals The Truth Behind Abortion Bans!

🌐 Live On-The-Ground Protesters & Mainstream Media Response To SCOTUS Roe v Wade Ruling:

🚨 Forbidden Coverage:

🎥 Live: On-The-Ground Protesters & Mainstream Media Response To SCOTUS Roe v Wade Ruling

The largest coordinated attack on North American infrastructure in history is happening now and the mainstream media is silent.
See the specifics here:

If you are interested in downloading, the link has the spreadsheet in plain text format.

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Lights OUT Australia! Hugo Talks!---Hugo-Talks:d

Grid Power Solutions
* DIY Wind Turbine & Direct Solar + Supercaps
* Rocket Stove
* BBQ/Camp stoves - 8.5kg Gas/Wood/DIY Gas
* Candles

Time to move OFF the STATE ((( MAINSTREAM ))) power grid

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Clip - ((( Blackrock ))) owns all major pharmaceutical companies & weapons manufacturers
, as well as most mainstream media outlets & channels -

#Blackrock #Larry -F$nk #EverySingl3Time #foll0w -the-money #Its -The-J3ws

Forced #Propaganda : Mainstream Media Is Not Being Censored – Yet, Those That Tell You The Truth Are!


🇺🇦 Amid their looming defeat in the Donbas, which even The New York Times and Washington Post have belatedly and reluctantly begun to acknowledge of late, the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion is still struggling to make over its image, given the Western mainstream had long ago admitted them as a significant "neo-Nazi threat" - as one BBC documentary bluntly described years ago. But since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, the public has been steadily told that Azov is merely "far right" or simply "nationalist" in their ideology. Or even better, the group just has far-right "roots" with images often "misunderstood" and shared "out of context"...

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