The Covid-19 Vaccination Massacre

Dr. Igor Shepherd has put together an awesome essay picked by addressing COVID-19 as a fearmongering ploy to institute a Globalist ONE-WORLD governance among sovereign nations AND that the mRNA Jab actual purpose was (or is) not to cure COVID variations, BUT RATHER to damage people’s immune system to perpetuate future plandemic fearmongering to control the world’s population under ONE-WORLD Tyranny transformation:

#Cardiologist Mocks “Non-Vaxxed”? “I Won’t Cry At Your Funeral” – Dead 2 Weeks After Fatal #mRNA Shot (Knows Better Tonight in HELL!) #Luke 16:23a #kjv
“And in #Hell he lift up his eyes, being in #torments - #COVID #Covid19 #Vaccine

Horror: mRNA Shots May Be Altering Human DNA to Produce Spike Protein on Long-Term Basis

Malone is the invented of the mRNA vaccines and championed the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as early treatment for Covid. He has never approved of the COVID-19 vaccine mandates. He has been censored and suppressed, but news media's slander of Malone better dig out those bank accounts cause Malone is gonna sue them for slander. They flat out lied about Dr Malone saying he was a leader of misinformation and that he did not create the mRna vaccine among many other lies.
#suenewyorktimes #Mainstreamnewslied

Dr. Fleming Info & COVID/Jab Bioweapon

Dr. Fleming on COVID as bioweapon & mRNA Jab as a bioweapon. Also a bit about Dr. Fleming & FBI political persecution:

mRNA Jab Transhumanism, WEF and NWO

Could the mRNA Jab be a part of the World Economic Forum (WEF – Klaus Schwab) agenda of a 4th Industrial Revolution NWO?

Dr. Malone followed by WEF’ers in their own words:

Pfizer CEO Backpedals, Claims Pressured Into Producing ‘Counterintuitive’ mRNA Injections

CNN Commentator: ‘Every Child Should’ Receive Experimental mRNA Jab

Double jabbed 27x times likely to get re 'infected'
Triple Jabbed are the most likely to die

Both Pfizer and Moderna have openly admitted
that their experimental mRNA jab injections are gene therapies

#Pfizer #Moderna #immune -system #Israel #Jews #zionism
#WEF #UN #Operation -Warp-Speed #2020 #2030
#170 -Nations #Plandemic #bio -terrorism #papers -please #NWO

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