Biden & his Nazi Regime including his supporters is so deluded & brainwashed that has totally lost touch of reality!

Terrence K. Williams
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#us 🇺🇸 #Mexico 🇲🇽

More Than 1,238 Lives Have Been Lost During Migration In The [north, Central And South] Americas In 2021, Among Them At Least 51 Children

Sad news today, Dr. Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko has passed away. Today we lost a hero.

1973 - 2022
Dr. Zev Zelenko, physician, activist, medical freedom fighter

On my Bible/Church Page, I have a section on #Israel and the supposed Lost Tribes (Some Platforms for some unknown reason may have to copy and paste the link below)

Everyone should be thankful the war on the unvaccinated was lost - LifeSite

Everyone should be thankful the war on the unvaccinated was lost - LifeSite

#Ukraine Has Lost This War: Top Army Colonel Says West ‘Doubling Down on Failure’
#Russia controls territory responsible for 80% of Ukraine's gross domestic product and is now preparing to annex it into the Federation, according to Ret. Col. Douglas MacGregor.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson rips comedian Stephen Colbert following the arrest of his several staffers for breaching the Capitol on 'Tucker Carlson

Comedians have a sense of humor. It’s a requirement of the job. Colbert has lost his, along with the critical distance and perspective that make humor possible. At this point, he’s just a partisan scold.

In response Michael Bresciani to his Publication

Yes, the satanic agenda is winning in this culture, our society is LOST.

McCraw said that students and teachers had repeatedly begged 911 operators for help while Arredondo told more than a dozen officers to wait in a hallway. That directive — which goes against established active-shooter protocols — prompted questions about whether more lives were lost because officers didn't act faster.

Uvalde locals grapple with the school police chief's role

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