- Stew Peters Calls Israel Lobby with Guest (((Laura Loomer))


MAGA + America First = Israel First Civnat Goyim Last ,
is finally falling apart after you expose the Zio shills, Duel Citizens
, kikes & Israel first traitors

#Civnat #America #Israel -First #Kikes #Jews #zionists #Jewish -Lobby
#APAC #CPAC #Congress #agenda21 #WEF #Plandemic #great -REset

How bowing to the transgender lobby led to a Rikers prison rape


#so , our DOJ should under law arrest Joe Biden. Since they refuse to do so, they are also committing Treason. I believe someone needs to lobby the Marines to do their job. I am as a citizen requesting that the United States Marine Corps preform their duty under the Constitution of the United States of America to restore order from an attempt to overthrow our government through various means, one of one which is by allowing foreign entities unlawfully and unabated into our Country

Rubio: ‘China Is Russia Times 1,000’ – They Have CEOs ‘Who Are Basically Lobbyists’ for Them


Ukraine Claims Dubious Russian Attack on Nuclear Plant in Bid to Lobby For NATO No Fly Zone


FOUR THINGS To Consider before supporting a gun lobby:
#2AallTheWAY #GOYcontrol


Top 4 Things I Consider When Backing 2A Groups - YouTube

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