In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Why protect anyone that isnt a Straight White American

Non whites dont belong in White Nations

They have their own ethnic homeland

Jews have control of white nations, goverment , policy, media and news
and what do christians do


you sit back and wait for Agenda 21, 2030, NWO to roll out and seem to embrace the Western destruction and white genocide to happen

Or are all the christian organised churchs compliance with this direction

Debate - Should America be a Majority WHITE Nation #Killstream :
- Vince James vs MrGirl (Half Jewish)

Skip to 21:58 to get past music

#White #multiculturalism #diversity #Liberalism #hartcellaract #WhiteNation #Whitepower #America #everysingletime

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

FoxNews, 0ANN, Newsmax are all
Controlled opposition

Refuse to name the Jew
Refuse to reject Multiculturalism
Refuse to reject White genocide and white replacement

No real solution exists with them

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

The bottom of that page reads

Are Democrats tearing America apart?

The Real question should be :

Is International Equality Liberal Uniparty Democracy
controlled by Jews and Israel destroying America deliberately to achieve White Genocide and World Jewery domination

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Matt Walsh is a kosher kike

Matt Walsh is a traitor

Matt Walsh works for a zionist jew

Ben Shapiro has openly stated he doesnt care if whites are genocided and replaced with non whites

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

1. A disinfo wars is not to be trusted

2. Goes to show Banks now act as poltical machines

3. Swap to credit unions instead of world Central banks

4. Lindell is another International Civnat cuck that refuses to name the Jew and supports statism

5. Fuck Him
Do we need another international corporation banker bought zio puppet claiming to be a 'victim' and poor them
with their billions of fait digital dollars

Let me know when christians are willing to
1. name the jew
2. reject statism
3. reject central banks
4. Support White race
5. Support Truth/facts/honestly
6. Actually research whats happening in deep dive investigation
7. Support segeration/seperation from the 'mainstream' society statist system
8. Reject Agenda21, Plandemic, Bigphama,

Tommy Robinson (Zionist Kike) (Anti White) on {{{ GETTR }}} Banning Nick Fuentes (Civic Nat First / Controlled Opposition) (No Chance) {{{ Odysee }}}

Note Gettr CEO is Jason Miller, Zionist Jew, Israel first and part of Trumpeistiens MIGA team

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Feminism, Equality, Diversity, Multiculturalism , neo conservitism , Neo Liberalism , Woke, CRT is all

Anti White

Pushed and funded and created by Jews/Zionists/Kikes

Weapon against Whites and Western Kind

Is a tool to destory , depopulate and ruin
White Nations
White Society
White Values
White Population

no one in the uniparty farse stands for
working class

We are all tax cattle to fund our own destruction, brainwashing and 'progress' to 2030

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