🇺🇸 Casey White, The Escaped Alabama Inmate Who Went On The Run With His Prison Guard Lover For 11 Days Before Being Arrested Last Night, Is Now Back In Jail And Can Be Seen For The First Time In His New Mugshot Today. White And His Lover Vicky White Were Finally Caught Up With Yesterday, Bringing An End To A Nationwide Manhunt That Began On April 29. Vicky Died After Being Shot In The Head During A Dramatic Police Chase Last Night In Evansville, Indiana. | https://rb.gy/3oxmrx

Amish organic farmer faces hefty fine, jail time for producing CLEAN MEAT


In response Robert Smith to his Publication

Durham needs to “Step on the gas” & move into the passing lane of the future. Information he has can stop the insanity of uncommon stupidity & charge, arrest & send to trial those who obstructed a presidency for 4 yrs. Trump should at least get two more terms consecutively from his win in 2024.
Knowing if this were YOU or ME, we’d be in jail waiting for sentencing. Think not?

Judge keeps accused Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley in jail, sets trial date:

NTD News Covers Jeremy Brown Story - Green Beret Arrested and Still Sitting in Jail for Standing Outside US Capitol on Jan. 6 (VIDEO) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/04/ntd-news-covers-jeremy-brown-story-green-beret-arrested-still-jail-standing-outside-us-capitol-video/

Political prisoners need help!!! No America should be denied their rights- ESPECIALLY in an American prison and ESPECIALLY not an American who served their country.
He wrote in a letter: Officers  responsible for the complete fall of the west terrace. Their action incited violence,  beat women, tazed, C. S. Bean bags, rubber ball grenades, rubber bullets without  restraint; without orders; without control. #oneyearwihoutdueprocess
#Jan6PoliticalPrisoners #heldwithoutbail

“None of Them Should Be in Jail. They Should All Be Out On Bail…It Is an American Gulag” – Judge Napolitano on the DOJ’s and Court’s Actions with January 6ers

Trans Prisoners Impregnate Two Women Inmates At ‘All-Female’ Jail


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