Trudeau is now in, in isolation for two weeks. Now he has an official excuse that keeps him from engaging with the truckers who surround the Canadian capital of Ottawa. Trudeau is a coward.

Watch: Canadian Mom Forced Into Isolation Center With 2 Daughters FOR DAYS After Traveling to Africa

COVID For Amish: Herd Immunity Achieved With No Hospitalizations, Isolation, or Vaccines

‘Strike Team’ Staffers Wanted for ‘Isolation & Quarantine’ Facilities in WA

School District Confines Five Students in Isolation for Protesting Mask Mandate

Canadian govt spends millions on ‘isolation sites’ for those who test positive for COVID-19 - LifeSite

Executive Order Authorizes Forced Quarantines, Isolation Facilities, Involuntary Commitment -

#AlexJonesShow LIVE: #Biden Preparing to Declare Martial Law During Second #Lockdown as CDC Readies Covid Isolation Camps Across US

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