The baby-killing anti-Christ party may be preparing for their counter-attack against SCOTUS over Roe .v. Wade:

There may be an attempt to impeach at least one or more of the Supreme Court Justices but even if the house impeaches any of them, it would take two thirds of the Senate to remove them from their position; something that will not likely happen.

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Globalist Puppet Biden’s Declaration of War Against the 2nd Amendment is an ACT OF TREASON, He Must Be Impeached NOW!

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Poll: Nearly 70% of Republicans say they want Biden impeached if the GOP retakes Congress after midterms

Biden could be impeached for this: Charlie Hurt

Biden could be impeached for this: Charlie Hurt - YouTube

Fox News contributor blasts President Biden for overseeing 'invasion' at the southern border on 'Fox Report.' #FoxNews #FoxReportSubscribe to Fox News! https...

#AOC called on #SCOTUS Justice #ClarenceThomas to "resign" or be #impeached after accusing him of failing to "disclose income from right-wing organizations” and insisting he “recuse himself from matters involving his wife, and his vote to block the January 6th commission from key information."

Schweizer: While Trump Was Being Impeached Over Fake Accusations, FBI Knew Hunter Biden Laptop Is Real | Watch

#Question :: Why is biden & the government getting involved with Russia invading Ukrain?? Isn't that why Trump got impeached for because of a phone call to Russia (so they say)?? We have no business dealing with either country & what they do to each other!! Biden should be impeached for dealing with Russia just like Trump did!! 🤬🤬. All of this as nothing to do with us. Its between them not us!!

#JoeBiden must be impeached
It is illegal to aid and abet Illegal aliens
8 U.S. Code § 1324 - Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

#Mitch the Bitch Traitor said China Biden will not be impeached for his Afghan screw up!! This is how President Trump was stabbed in a back!

Joe Biden wants to reward Criminal illegals that came into this country and had their children separated from them. He wants to give them more money than most Americans will make in their lifetime. Utter BS and this lunatic needs to be impeached immediately. His BS is gone far enough. Look at the grocery stores and gas pumps and ask yourself, are we better of this November compared to last year?

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