There is Lying Science AND Actual Data Science

-Dr. Mercola writes about Jab adverse side-effects denied by the science manipulators. There is documentation and Jab victim video (1.5 hours) which only lies & manipulation are able to deny. … WATCH & READ:

Trudeau transportation minister SLAMMED over commuter train disaster
Those without cars or who are simply not willing to sit in traffic for hours to make it into the city are out of luck.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Reportedly Stayed At Fundraiser For Hours After Uvalde Shooting , more details :
Governor Abbott 👊 🇺🇸

This POS in Las Vegas was arrested for locking his dog in a car on a hot day with the windows up and its mouth duct-taped shut while he gambled for hours

Christian History Institute---Who was Martin of Mainz? Most have never heard of him but he was a reformer before the reformation officially had begun. He was burned at the stake by Rome for the following:

“…he refused to abide by set hours of prayer and saints’ days. He claimed all Christians are priests, rejected rote repetition of the Lord’s Prayer, and denied the efficacy of outward works for salvation. He claimed that Christ on the cross suffered more from God’s judgment than from the physical torture.”

#Israel Unleashes Airstrikes On #Gaza Hours After #JoeBiden Departure - #hamas spokesman said it was no coincidence that the Israeli raids took place right after Biden’s visit to Israel.

Drag Queen Story Hours are Permissive, Perilous, and Perverted!

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