Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
23 September, 10:17
Ron DeSantis: ‘We Will Not Allow Schools to Twist History’
karen maquias @kiki
20 September, 03:17
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
20 September, 03:11
This Day In #history - September 20, 1881 - Chester A. Arthur was sworn in as the 21st #POTUS , succeeding James A. Garfield, who had been assassinated.
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
19 September, 03:20
Facing Worst Socioeconomic & Geopolitical Crisis in History – Gerald Celente
John Burke @johnburke
13 September, 10:55
Amid Failed Trudeau Government Policies, Canadian Household Wealth Falls By Largest Amount In Canadian History
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
11 September, 05:16
The 9/11 attacks killed 2,977 people - the single largest loss of life resulting from a foreign attack on American soil. Among the dead were 441 first responders, which remains the greatest loss of life for emergency responders on a single day in American history.

Since 9/11, more than 4,300 first responders have died from respiratory illnesses and cancers as a result of exposure to toxins at Ground Zero during the cleanup - nearly double the amount killed the day of the attacks.

In memory of American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, American Airlines Flight 77 and United Airlines Flight 93.
Debris - YouTube

Debris is a 25 minute film made in collaboration with the National September 11th Memorial and Museum. This documentary tells the story of September 11th, 20...

Matt Shea @MattShea
08 September, 10:24
Today all people who have an understanding of history and love western civilization celebrate the victories at Kulikovo in 1380 and Malta in 1565.
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
07 September, 09:42
karen maquias @kiki
06 September, 07:52
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
05 September, 12:12



#old -world #mainstream #White #nationalism #race #identity #Symbolism
BearIt Gaming @BearItGaming
03 September, 12:57
The comparison that people are making between Biden and Hitler is showing people's ignorance of what Hitler actually said in his speeches and in his book-Mein Kampf. Of how he got the German people out of degeneracy (porn, pedophilia, prostitution, ect.). How he developed a currency used by the German people that did not rely on the globalist banking system. Of how he turned around Germany in just 4 years. So on and so on. And also shows people's ignorance of history: there were multiple, documented occasions where Hitler called for peace. A more apt comparison would be Lenin or Stalin.

But today's history books won't discuss any of that.

#Biden #JoeBiden #Hitler #history #truth
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
02 September, 05:14
Finish The Race @FinishTheRace
02 September, 04:32
Gingrich: Biden Committed ‘Greatest Act Of Aggression’ By A US President ‘Against His Own People’ In History.
John Burke @johnburke
02 September, 11:14
Gingrich: Biden Committed 'Greatest Act Of Aggression' By A US President 'Against His Own People' In History
John Burke @johnburke
01 September, 11:33
Trudeau's deputy prime minister tried to hide Nazi family history and mother's ties to George Soros - LifeSite https://www.lifesitenews.c...

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