Intermittent Fasting, Muscle Loss, Testosterone & Metabolic Health: New Study (16 hours Init fasting)
- {censortube} (High Intensity Health)
#fasting #keto #diet #16hours #Food #heath

In response Bruce Dullea to his Publication

Bunch of Heathens and Atheists commercializing Christmas for the almighty dollar - SHAMEFUL.

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Who has the AUTHORITY and REPOSLBITIES for our heath

Our Family
Our Parents
Our Community

Our church

or the state

My Body My Choice only applys to the mass murder and depopulation of the native ethnic group

Why does the Church and Christians trust goverment
No really

Our goverments
Hate White people
Blame White people
Want whites dead + replaced

Israel's vaccinated are the sick ones hits MAJOR NEWS STATION (finally),-hits-MAJOR-NEWS-STATION-(finally):0
#jabbed #infected #Plandemic #CONvid #agenda21 #DEPOPULATION #2020 #2030

The sick and in hospital are the tested and jabbed
not the heathly unjabbed/untested

Take your bloodcloth infection death shot goyim

For the unjabbed safety and heath
we need to AVOID all contact with the jabbed

They need to be treated as the infecous spreaders
as they are

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

Why should we have
State Heath
State 'education'
State Grid

Why shouldnt it be up to
and Church

to Teach, educate, pass on knowldge, care and look after the local community

Why should we rely on Anti White, Anti Nation, Corrupt Zionist occuption force that puppets our 'polticans' and 'officals'

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

Why should we take International Federal Goverment, Multinational Corporations and world Central banking seriously anymore

They want us DEAD
They want us STUPID
They want us UNHEATHLY

Statism is slavery

What are christains and the church going to do

because the church is a tool of the state control system

It stands for NOTHING

In response Justin Derby to his Publication

No Big phama Jabs

No State Heath Care
No State Hospitals
No State Education
No State Money System
No State controlled jobs

= no state

No taxation
No min wage
No digital tracking
No digital currency
No digital commications

Cash Only
Cash in hand jobs
Back to lowtech/offgrid/self suffient
Grown our own food
Raise our own meat
Generate our own power

In response Robert Smith to his Publication

Ghetto heathen is as ghetto heathen does.
Their parents must be so proud...

Government Jab Digital Papers - 10/Sept/2021 - NSW Australia -
Discrimination allowed for Business's via Medical Treatment + Gov mandates
and aircraft overseas travel - - 10 - Sky News AU #Plandemic #COVID #Jab #agenda21 #Event201 #newnormal #safety #security #heath #thinkofthechillins

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