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Bombshell: Russia Accuses Democrat Party Globalists Of Creating, Unleashing COVID-19


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Alex Stein: America Run by Globalists Who Care More About Ukraine’s Borders Than Our Own


Globalist Left Pushes World to the Brink of War as the Great Reset Starves Out the Population

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Copy/paste from telegram:

The WHO, CDC, San Fransisco, New York, now the entire State of California have declared a state of emergency over Monkeypox.

The Globalists really don’t have any other wrinkles in the playbook?

Here it comes y’all. This is their midterm move. They are pushing another “emergency” to justify mail-in voting for fraud. Again.

First it was a couple cities, then it will be a couple states, then it will be all the blue States. Next thing you know, Biden will try to declare a national emergency.

It’s coming.



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