#NBC - #NBCNews Admits #MonkeyPox Spread Through #gay #sex - New research suggests monkeypox is a #sexually - #transmitted #disease that, instead of being spread through skin-to-skin contact, is actually spread via #seminal #fluids (#semen) and #anal sex. https://www.newswars.com/nbc-news-admits-monkeypox-spread-through-gay-sex/

First Dog Infected With Monkeypox After “Sharing Bed” With Gay Couple


Italian greyhound belonging to gay couple in Paris catches monkeypox after sharing bed with its infected owners, scientists reveal https://magabook.com/posts/498477

In response zoltan 4C™ to his Publication

One reason why gay people should never be allowed to adopt children.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Gay Couple Arrested After It Was Discovered They Were Using Their Adopted Kids To Make Child Porn

What Doctors Are Hearing from Monkeypox-Infected Gay Men Exposes Liberal Health Hypocrisy via@WestJournalism https://www.westernjournal.com/doctors-hearing-monkeypox-infected-gay-men-exposes-liberal-health-hypocrisy/

Gay Couple Charged With Using Adopted Kids to Make Child P*rn


”(((JOE BIDEN))) Is The Most Popular Ko$$ack $ock-puppet in hi$tory, having received over 80 million FAKE vote$!!!” LMFAO!!!

#FAKE &gay


Wiener Says Gays Shouldn’t Avoid Sex Party Orgies Despite Monkeypox


───── ❝ The Transgender Bill of Rights ❞ ─────

“The proposal, dubbed ‘The Transgender Bill of Rights,’ would codify the Supreme Court’s 2020 Bostock v. Clayton County decision that protects employees against discrimination for being gay or transgender” | https://www.theepochtimes.com/democrats-proposed-transgender-bill-of-rights-only-a-symbolic-resolution_4638140.html?welcomeuser=1

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