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Dems Are Gaslighting You With This ‘New Science’ Nonsense

In response charlie brownau to his Publication

Gab is a psyop to lure the right wing into endless indoctrination and gaslighting. CreationSocial is 100X better!

Gaslighting defined
Al Goodwyn shows what year Democrats are pushing

How gaslighting makes you think what you don't think

Gaslighting is a manipulation technique, a form of psychological abuse, for the purpose of gaining power and control over people. And the further people become unbalanced and distanced from themselves as a result, the easier it is for them to doubt themselves and become dependent on the manipu

Hoe gaslighting je laat denken wat je niet denkt - YouTube

Half uurtje uit Nazomergasten S01E05 met Sietske Bergsma, waarin ze aan Theodor Holman uitlegt wat de manipulatietactiek 'gaslighting' is, hoe die werkt en w...

A police union stating the obvious. When you promote lawlessness at the same time that you're condemning law enforcement, you get what you get.

#Police #gaslighting #Crimes #fakenewsmedia #joshwhonews

CBS Caught Gaslighting Public With Fake Biden Poll

#2020electionfraud #fakepresidentbiden #arizonaelectionfraud
Shredded Maricopa County ballots. Corporate media gaslighting thries to tell you, that what you can plainly see here exists, "doesn't exist."

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