Highlights: Elon may have uncovered FRAUD at Twitter. Twitters panicked and is deleting bots as quickly as possible. # of users is a big part of Twitter‘s evaluation. If this is true and it looks like it is Twitter has committed FRAUD to users & share holders! Highly Illegal
— James (@TexasJimmyLove) May 15, 2022

Elon Musk Announces Twitter Deal 'Cannot Move Forward' Unless CEO Does This


A deal for Twitter is “not out of the question” —- LMAO

Elon Musk called the Board and Management “Liars” —- who have BREACHED their FIDUCIARY Responsibilities .

No sane person would come near this stinking heap of lies and misrepresentations .

The smug , Woke soyboys and girls that have suppressed MAGA voices will end up in prison for the fraud against pension fund shareholders.
https://rb.gy/iezztg ❗❗

How many of you running for Office on all levels are going to fight to fully restore our #2a #SecondAmendment Rights and repeal and wipe out every Fascist Nazi Communist Globalist anti Constitutional Firearms Laws, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

(1) The RIGHT to Bare Arms #2ndAmendment ANY & ALL WEAPONS, we call for REPEAL of the Mulford Act in California, repeal the Gun Control Act of 1968 which the NRA supported @ that time! (Frauds!)

(2) I call for the repeal of June 26, 1934. The National Firearms Act (NFA), Federal Firearms Act (FFA) of 1938

(3) Reverse the ban of the Bumper Stocks


# I already knew Biden cheated. He said he didn't need anyone's votes to win. He said they put together the greatest fraud team in the history of man. My question is, when do we arrest him, try and convict him, and insert the true winner of the presidential election and others that were denied their wins? 🤔

VOTER FRAUD: Va Board of Supervisors member was reportedly charged with 82 felony counts relating to election voter fraud, along with one alleged accomplice being charged with 12 felonies of a similar nature. #2020election #VoterFraud

Democrat official indicted for 82 vote-fraud felonies https://www.wnd.com/2022/05/democrat-official-indicted-82-vote-fraud-felonies/

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