IQ scores are falling and have been for decades, new study finds
(Norwegian , Denmark, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Finland and Estonia)

* Race Mixing

* Weakness , Censorship , Complacency, Modern , Centralized, Dependency

* Polluted Air , Polluted Water, Polluted Food, Polluted Soil ,

* Polluted Education, Polluted Culture, Polluted Minds

#IQ #race #Genes #identity #Nation #culture #Weakness #poison #subverted

France: Groups of Armed ‘Africans’ Battle Each Other Then Attack Police

France: Knife-Wielding African Migrant Tries to Rob Woman on Train

Continuing the reduction of inexpensive protein sources.

France says record 16 million birds culled in flu outbreak

This is a May Day protest in France.

The same people in Ottawa who likely support May Day protests are also the same people who like to pretend this is how the Freedom protests looked in Ottawa:

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