I Do NOT Promote Or Endorse Yoga Because Of My Personal Beliefs
Joe Rogan Experience # 1791 Sadhguru
Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic and visionary. Named one of India’s 50 most influential people, and recipient of 3 presidential awards, Sadhguru has touched the lives of millions worldwide through his transformational programs. An internationally renowned speaker and author of the New York Times bestsellers "Inner Engineering" and "Karma," Sadhguru has been an influential voice at major global forums like the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, addressing issues as diverse as socioeconomic development, leadership and spirituality.

"We Need to Out These People... They're EVERYWHERE": Dr. Malone Says it's Time to Start "Doxing" The World Economic Forum's Globalist Cabal - "Let's Go Get Them" - (VIDEO) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/04/need-people-everywhere-dr-malone-says-time-start-doxing-world-economic-forums-globalist-cabal-go-get-video/

INSANE: World Economic Forum's Predictions for 2030 Include No Property Ownership, Diminished USA, and Syrian CEO's https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/insane-world-economic-forums-predictions-2030-include-no-property-ownership-us-weak-no-one-owns-anything/

So called "FREE SPEECH" forum Ruqqus has closed

Check out Voat.xyz or Poal.co for FREE Speech

free speech social networks :-
* Creation Social - http://Creation.social/
* Twellit - https://twellit.com/
* Loop - http://loop.joshwho.net/

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Big Bad Tech: When censorship goes corporate - - - July 20, 2021

"Laframboise, a former vice president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, says tech behemoths aren’t simply private companies:

“By hosting public forums in which thousands of people participate, these corporations have become the custodians of important historical records.

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