Even corrupt Wiki admits that the Mass murder of whites in Russia is the highest ethnic genocide
yet it doesn't mention its actual number is more like 20 MILLION
and the holohoax is 275k not the 6 million farse
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_genocides_by_death_toll

#GENOCIDE #White -Genocide #holohoax #holy6million #multi -racialism #multiculturalism

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Feminism, Equality, Diversity, Multiculturalism , neo conservitism , Neo Liberalism , Woke, CRT is all

Anti White

Pushed and funded and created by Jews/Zionists/Kikes

Weapon against Whites and Western Kind

Is a tool to destory , depopulate and ruin
White Nations
White Society
White Values
White Population

no one in the uniparty farse stands for
working class

We are all tax cattle to fund our own destruction, brainwashing and 'progress' to 2030

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