God loves the LGBTQ people. Repent of you sins Matthew 3:2, believe & have faith in Christ you will be saved Ephesians 2:8-9
Whatever God Says "SIN" Is Nothing To Be Proud Of Isiah 3:9

Conspiracy Of Silence The Franklin Cover up HQ Version! 360p - YouTube


On this scripture, If you were thinking that you have no respect for people like Bill Gates, Klaus Schawb, Tedros (whatever) of W.H.O. (World Homicide Organization), Anthony Fauci, and the list goes on... You have accessed them to exact Just judgement...
Oh my, Was I talking out loud? 😂

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The overturning of Roe .v. Wade signals that there may still yet be hope for America, but sadly the following item is right: If America does not turn from the evil that she currently embraces and back to the God upon whose principles she was founded, then she is in danger of facing eventual judgment just like any other nation, kingdom, or empire that has refused to submit itself to the Lord God who created the heavens and the earth.

But if America begins to earnestly seek the Lord God upon whose ways she was established and places her trust in the one who is able to redeem her out of her sins, then she may yet prolong her days.

Identity #politics for People Without Identities: #Wokeness Is The Emotional Pandemic Of People Without #faith Or #Country https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/07/identity-politics-people-without-identities-daniel-greenfield/

People’s Lives are Irrelevant to Big Pharma & Govt. Science

One thing that is disappointing and infuriating simultaneously is the unquestioning faith in government science which TODAY is owned by Big Pharma science greed. Please WAKE-UP THE LIARS do not care about your health or livelihood. 3 cross posts & a video on Big Pharma lies & Govt Alphabet Health Lies: https://bit.ly/3AtUui8

2 Corn 4:4 god of this world blinded the minds
Proverbs 6:17 The Lord hates the hands that shed innocent blood
Titus 1:16 To the Professing Christians who support the Abortion of the unborn, fake Christians.
In USA particularly this is where we are divided
Matthew 13:37-42 wheat from the tares
Matthew 25:32-34 sheep from the goats
Deut 28:45 May God be merciful to you because you are in danger of Judgement,
It should be decimated. Irresponsible people who is in the "Hookup Culture" has NO morals, NO values, NO standards. 1 Corinthians 6:18
Repent Matthew 3:2, believe & have faith in Christ & be saved Ephesians 2:8-9

Is Your Faith Dead or Alive?


Is Your Faith Dead or Alive? - YouTube

The Ernest Angley Hour | Is Your Faith Dead Or Alive?Many claim to have faith, but there is a big difference between live faith and dead faith. Listen and le...

TOMORROW, And $atan only knows how many days after, his faithful servant George $oros will be flooding streets with $hriking femin$TA$I Kike-led hoarde$ of useless eaters, all butthurt because SCOTUS clipped their whoredom privilege.


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