A law professor from Cal-Berkeley says@HawleyMO is being transphobic for saying only women can get pregnant. Watch this exchange. These men can get pregnant people are crazy ⇊

Left Wing Group Offers ‘Bounties’ In Exchange For Doxxing Conservative Justices


Digital Cypto has gone full circle

The Bitcoin Note – Secure, Self-Custodial Bitcoin Wallets in Physical Cash Form
* https://www.offline.cash/
* https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31653726


Ive recommended Community Currency Physical based on hours is the solution for Money
* Not Digital
* Not Electronic
* No Central Banks
* No Power Grid
* No Internet

Migrating away from the Multi National Central Banking Cartel
and International Corporation Governance is the solution

Physical Cash , Barter, Swap, Exchange, No state system Trade

* No Welfare
* No Taxation
* No IMF, Central bank, Corporations or Governments

#Usury #debt #currency #money
#trade #swap #exchange #currency
#community #Localis

Report: Russia may release WNBA star in exchange for 'Merchant of Death' arms dealer:
Muther Russia

Hillary Clinton “Disappointed” Crypto Exchanges Aren’t Banning Russians


Leaked Video: Border Patrol Agents Get into Heated Exchange with Leadership During Mayorkas Visit


📌 Putin wants to reestablish Russian dominance over Eastern Europe by recapturing old Soviet bloc countries.
This would be disastrous for Europe and American national security. President Putin made no offers or concessions in exchange for these demands.

The American Journal: Ted Cruz Greenlights Biden Nominations in Exchange For National Gas Pipeline

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