{only 10% of #Africa got the jab, they know the real agenda!) Despite Very Low Vax Rates, Africa’s “#COVID” Deaths Remain Far Below #USA & #europe - #wakeupamerica & grow a pair! https://thewashingtonstandard.com/despite-very-low-vax-rates-africas-covid-deaths-remain-far-below-us-europe/

France: Armed 'Schoolchildren' Storm Bus, Attack Passengers


Mobs of Migrants Throw Stones, Stun Grenades at Polish Officers During Border Siege


France: Migrant Arrested After Stabbing, Robbery Rampage


'Reminiscent of Fascism' - Croatian President Slams COVID Tyranny in Austria


Anti-lockdown protests erupt around Europe for third night in row | ITV News - YouTube

Anti-lockdown protests are erupting into a third night of violence on the continent, after anger and frustration against measures to curb spiraling Covid rat...

Migrants Surging Into Switzerland Via Trains From Austria


UK Plan to Fly Migrants to Albania Asylum Center Would Cost $135,000 Per Person


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