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08 December, 09:30
It is no secret that Hollywood has been conditioning their audiences into accepting everything that is evil to be either good or at least a benign influence, but if our law enforcement will not rescue and protect defenseless children against the alleged atrocities reported here, then who will do so if God-fearing and principled people remain too cowardly to take matters into their own hands?
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
17 September, 06:18
Video - Pastor Richard Jordan - #sermon #Scriptures #Bible #BibleStudy #kjv #kingjamesbible - #enoch : Living In #Cain 's World
Christian Talk @ChristianTalk
25 February, 08:49
Christian Talk - Oldest Man In Bible, Name Prophesied Flood - Genesis 5.

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08 November, 03:51
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12 October, 12:38


Unholy Grail: Adrenochrome, the “White Rabbit” Elixir Pursued by Blackhearted Elites: https://www.independentsen...
Robert Franz @commandorob
01 September, 10:49
FYI: Spears' Conservatorship started when she was demon possessed in the Hollywood Illuminati. She was participating in Sexual Orgies and Child Sacrifice Rituals, torturing children and drinking their adrenalized blood (Adrenochrome) and then killing and EATING them. SO yeah, SHE'S GOT A LOT TO PROVE BEFORE SHE CAN MAKE HER OWN BAD DECISIONS IN LIFE, AGAIN.

20 April, 07:52
Hollywood Movie Star Exposes Adrenochrome & Child Sex Trafficking
20 April, 05:16
Hollywood Movie Star Exposes Adrenochrome & Child Sex Trafficking

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