Foreign Translations For Messiah's Hebraic "SHÊMS"


The cited article addresses the translations of the Renewed Covenant Messiah's "titles" ("shêms". In English, we call those "names") into an array of other languages in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD… because as of 2018 AD, there are over 9,050 dialects (within over 6,500 languages) that don’t have an exact Equivalent (INCLUDING **ENGLISH**) to transliterate the ORIGINAL Name of the Messiah into script 100%, so, almost all of the 9,050+ dialects in the world have to deal with translations.


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Metaphorically speaking:

“We beat the English, but they’ll be back.”


[And they have already launched their counter-attack]

Just because our enemies may suffer a defeat, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t regrouping and preparing for another attack.

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Boris {{(Johnson))) the 'right wing' leader in UK
is Jewish not British/English/White


- "Am Jewish and am Proud"!:a


Would it be okay for Chinese leader to be Indian ?

Would it be okay for African leader to be Chinese ?

Would it be okay for South Korea leader to be Japanese ?

Whys it okay for White nations to be lead by non whites?

Why the double standard ONLY applied to white nations ?

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‘Dinghy Season Back in Full Swing’ as Nearly 1,000 Migrants Attempt English Channel Crossing in Day

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‘I’m Not A Politician’: English Soccer Coach Shuts Down Media Hounding Him Over Ukraine

Journalist from Ukraine: 'Don't listen to the mainstream media'

People from Donetsk and Luhansk cried tears of happiness, says journalist Patrick Lancaster , who is one of the only English-speaking journalists reporting from Donetsk. “A woman said to me that she is very grateful that Putin is ending the war here.”

Lancaster told Alex Jones that two schools in Donetsk were attacked by the Ukrainian army earlier this week. "I've been to those schools." The journalist said that the civilian population in the two people's republics has been under attack for eight years. "Looks like Putin has had enough."

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